TVING’s original series “Pyramid Game” will be released on February 29th

TVING’s original series “Pyramid Game”, which will be released on February 29th (directed by Park So-yeon, written by Choi Soo-yi, creator Lee Jae-gyu, produced by Film Monster and CJ ENM Studios, provided by TVing), announces the appearance of extraordinary transfer student Seong Soo-ji (played by Kim Ji-yeon). A teaser poster was released.

“Pyramid Game” depicts a cruel survival ranking war in which the students are divided into perpetrators, victims, and bystanders in class 5 of Baekyeon Girls’ High School, where outcasts are selected by secret ballot once a month, and gradually fall into violence.

Based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name (written by Dalcognac), which opened a new world of school psychological thrillers with an unconventional and original world view, Seong Su-ji, who awakens as a ‘game sniper’ who breaks the hierarchy pyramid in the game target, and the students The battle of brains and psychological warfare provides thrilling catharsis.

“Holy Idol” director Park So-yeon and new writer Choi Su-i delicately and dynamically depict the unpredictable psychology of high school girls. Above all, hitmaker director Lee Jae-gyu, who directed the movie “Perfect Stranger” and the drama “Now at Our School” and “Morning Comes Even in the Psychiatric Ward”, participates as a creator to complete a unique ‘K-school drama’.

Here, attention is also focused on the novel synergy of new talents with strong personalities such as Kim Ji-yeon, Jang Da-ah, Ryu Da-in, Shin Seul-gi, Kang Na-eon, Jeong Ha-dam, and Ha Yu-li.

Meanwhile, the unveiled teaser poster immediately catches the eye. Seong Su-ji, a transfer student, is left alone in an empty classroom, looking somewhere meaningful.

The phrase, “There is a vote for bullying in our class,” which does not fit with the class motto “Everyone’s happiness, everyone’s class,” makes us curious about the secret hidden in class 5 of the second grade at Baekyeon Girls’ High School. The red triangle surrounding Seongsuji, as if it were the target of a pyramid game, also gives me goosebumps for some reason. Like a ray of light illuminating a dark classroom, transfer student Seong Soo-ji raises curiosity about whether she will be able to survive the fierce ranking war among the 5 second grade classes and bring about change.

In the play, Kim Ji-yeon plays the role of Seong Soo-ji, a transfer student who awakens from being a game target to becoming a game sniper.

Seong Su-ji faces a pyramid game where she must make cruel choices to avoid legal bullying. What choice will Seong Su-ji make in an unpredictable game where she can be a perpetrator, a victim, or a bystander? Expectations are high for the transformation of Kim Ji-yeon, who will play the role of Sung Su-ji, who engages in a fierce battle of brains as she attacks the game.

The production team of “Pyramid Game” said, “When Seong Soo-ji transfers to Baekyeon Girls’ High School’s second year class 5, the ranking pyramid within the class is reorganized. The fierce ranking war and psychological warfare that unfolds in her classroom, which is like a microcosm of society, will unfold in an interesting way.”

Meanwhile, TVING’s original series “Pyramid Game” will be released on TVING on February 29th.