tripleS NXT will release the new song “Just Do It” on the 23rd

tripleS NXT will release the new song “Just Do It” on the 23rd.

tripleS NXT is comprised of main dancer Rin from Japan, Jubin, who is known for her good looks, Hayeon, who does both dancing and singing, and main vocalist Sion.

“Just Do It” is a dance pop genre that sings, “We are perfect even though we are unfinished.” The agency, Mode House, introduced, “The bold aspirations and dreams of young girls are beautifully blended together.”

tripleS NXT will be releasing teaser videos of Lin, Zubin, Hayeon, and Shion from the 26th to the 29th. The new song performance video will be released on the 30th.

Meanwhile, the group’s first ballad dimension Aria, composed of Seo Da-hyun, Kim Chae-yeon, Lee Ji-woo, Kaede, and Nien, is also scheduled to be released as a new song.

tripleS received the BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST at the 2023 MAMA AWARDS held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 29th of last month. With the addition of the new Dimension NXT, 20 members visited fans. They announced their activities as a ‘mega group’ next year.