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Jump right into the colourful, buzzing universe of Instagram and say hello not just to male influencers but also to the amazing female influencers rocking the social scene in Singapore. From the celebrities you’ve adored for years to the fresh faces just beginning to sparkle, these ladies are the queens of cool. 

They’re not just setting trends; they’re weaving inspiration into our daily lives, making us all ponder our #LifeGoals. Gear up to flip through the adventures of the coolest gals around, the trailblazers who are redefining what it means to be a social media sensation in the country.

Whether they’re showcasing the latest in fashion, mastering the fitness world, revolutionizing beauty, or leading the charge in living green, they’ve all gathered here to blow your mind. Strap in for an unforgettable journey to the core of Instagram’s elite, the spot where all the magic happens.

The Top 10 Female Influencers in Singapore

female influencers - Aurelia Hathaway

Say hello to Aurelia Hathaway, or as the world prefers, Aurelia Ng. She sprang into the world on a bright, sunny day, April 10th, 1994, and grew up under the skies of Singapore. Now, she’s the digital world’s renaissance woman, weaving her magic across the board. Aurelia isn’t just easy on the eyes; she’s a whirlwind of charm and cleverness, leaving a glittery trail in the entertainment universe.

Her adventure began with a flash and a sparkle, stepping into the limelight as a model. Whether it was the camera’s click or the bright TV spotlights, Aurelia was there, capturing hearts with her undeniable allure. But, oh, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

 Tucked behind that dazzling smile is a mind bubbling with creativity, always itching to craft stories and content that leaps off the page (or screen). Yielding to the creative itch, Aurelia pivoted her path toward concocting buzz-worthy, vibrant projects. And truly, with a spirit as boundless as hers, the sky’s just the beginning.

female influencers - Soh Pei Shifemale influencers - Soh Pei Shi

Meet the ever-sparkling, always inspiring, Singapore’s very own lifestyle guru — Soh Pei Shi. With her vibrant personality, she’s not just captured the hearts of over 362,000 Instagram followers but also charmed 200,000 Twitter fans and a whopping 170,000 YouTubers since her digital debut. 

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Back in 2011, Pei Shi embarked on this exciting blogging voyage, dropping her first YouTube video in 2012 that had everyone talking. Since then, she’s been mixing it up with Singapore’s coolest creators like JianHao and teaming up with fab brands such as Love, Bonito. 

female influencers - Novita Lamfemale influencers - Novita Lam

Meet Novita Lam, a dynamic trailblazer who made her way from the bustling city of Jakarta to the vibrant streets of Singapore, infusing a bit of her Indonesian-Chinese heritage into her new home. Before she became a digital darling, Novita cut her teeth at prestigious financial institutions like Citibank and Bank of Singapore. But it wasn’t long before she traded in balance sheets for brand deals, taking the helm as AWSt’s Head of Partnerships & Ecosystem. 

Today, she’s not just a regular name in the corporate world; she’s a full-blown beauty and lifestyle sensation, charming over 342,000 followers on Instagram and captivating 95,000 on TikTok with her infectious enthusiasm and insider tips. Whether it’s sharing a skincare secret that’ll give you that sought-after glow or unveiling the latest fashion finds, Novita’s feeds are your go-to source for all things fabulous.

female influencers - Andrea Chongfemale influencers - Andrea Chong

Meet Andrea Chong – or Drea, as she’s affectionately known in the digital sphere. Born on a sunny day in March 1992, Drea has since evolved into a vibrant force within the Singaporean blogging and influencer scene. 

Picture this, as of March 2024, she’s captivating a whopping 307,000 followers on Instagram and has charmed over 5,120 subscribers on YouTube with her engaging content. Not just a pretty face, Drea has been handpicked as the ambassador for none other than H&M and Pandora —yeah, she’s got the style game on lock. 

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The cherry on top? In 2015, she strutted away with the ‘Fashion Icon of the Year’ award at the Singapore Social Media Awards, shining amidst stellar Singaporean creators like Ryan & Sylvia (Night Owl Cinematics) and Munah Hirzi. If that’s not a success story, I don’t know what is. 

  • Instagram:
  • Followers: 307K
  • YouTube:
  • Subscribers: 5.12K
  • Topics: Lifestyle, Makeup, Skincare, Fashion

female influencers - Willabelle Ongfemale influencers - Willabelle Ong

There’s no need for a grand announcement; Willabelle Ong’s fashion fixation is as clear as day. Just one glance at her Instagram, a vibrant gallery of carefully curated outfits, and you’re in on her secret. She’s a master at blending colours and textures like it’s second nature. 

Nowadays, this style guru, at the ripe age of 29, is taking TikTok by storm, captivating over 650,000 followers with her magic formula for ensemble excellence. Ong reveals, “Style and I go way back. It all started with sneaky fashion shows in my mom’s heels when I thought no one was watching.” 

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It’s evident her mom’s sharp eye for tailoring left a lasting impression. Now, navigating motherhood with her adorable Ava, Ong’s style evolution embraces ease without sacrificing flair. Opting for a jumpsuit or a casual vest and cargo jeans combo, she proves “effortless” can still scream “chic.” 

In her words, “Easy does it, but I’ll never shy away from adding a touch of extraordinary – be it with a striking handbag or a meticulously crafted tweed jacket.”

female influencers - Bellywellyjellyfemale influencers - Bellywellyjelly

Meet Bellywellyjelly — the internet sensation who’s taken both Singapore and the world by storm with her captivating Instagram posts and blogs. Known affectionately to her followers, she’s not just any content creator; she was a shining nominee for the Singapore Social Media Award’s Breakout Star in 2015. 

At just 32, she fills our feeds with a kaleidoscope of topics from the most breathtaking travel destinations to the latest in health and beauty trends, making life look like an endless adventure. She’s even graced the screen as the beauty host on TheSmartLocalTV. 

And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, did I mention she clinched Best Skin and Miss Photogenic at Miss Universe Singapore 2014? Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

female influencers - Yoyo Caofemale influencers - Yoyo Cao

When she’s not lighting up the glossy pages of the world’s most fabulous magazines or turning heads at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks with her flawless ensembles, Cao is in the thick of the creative hustle.

She’s the brain behind Romi Beauty, a brand born in 2022 from the dreams of three dynamic ladies—herself, Lin Ting, and Arissa Cheo—each a force to be reckoned with on the social scene. 

When it comes to style inspirations, Cao keeps it in the family: “My mum, she’s the original style icon,” she declares with pride. And just so you know, she’s also charming nearly half a million followers on Instagram, one post at a time.

female influencers - Xiaxuefemale influencers - Xiaxue

Meet the unstoppable force that is Xiaxue — a YouTuber, makeup junkie, proud mom, and a master at clapping back at the naysayers since the early 2000s. Her Instagram bio alone gives you a taste of her fiery spirit. Known better by her online alias Xiaxue, this 39-year-old from Singapore is a whirlwind of creativity as a blogger photoshopped, and online TV sensation. 

Her writing? It’s provocative, sure, but oh-so-captivating, keeping 50,000 daily readers hooked. Whether she’s dishing on life, dropping fashion bombs, or covering everything in between, she’s got brands lining up for a piece of the action. And if that’s not enough, she’s also graced the cover of 8 Days Magazine. 

Fearless when it comes to stirring the pot or shaking up the status quo, Xiaxue’s not just surviving the spotlight—she’s absolutely thriving in it.

  • Instagram:
  • Followers: 575k
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
  • Niche: Beauty, Makeup, and Parenting

female influencers - Xiaxuefemale influencers - Xiaxue

Meet Carrie Wong Si Tian, Singapore’s dazzling gem in the realm of acting and content creation. Her story unfolds like a modern fairy tale, beginning with a star-making turn on MediaCorp’s reality TV show, “Hey Gorgeous.” Not just any star, mind you—Carrie stands tall at a statuesque 1.75m, turning heads and capturing hearts at just 30 years of age.

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Her academic journey took her through the halls of Evergreen Secondary School and onto the campus of Nanyang Polytechnic, shaping the bright, talented woman she is today.

But that’s just the start. Carrie has shone brightly on Singapore’s entertainment sky, consistently ranking among the Top 10 most popular female artists at the Star Awards for four glorious years. Her trophy shelf is also adorned with nominations for Best Supporting Actress, the fiercely contested BottomSlim Sexiest Legs Award, Best Newcomer, and the coveted Best Actress title—a testament to her versatility and undeniable talent.

Flip over to Instagram, and you’ll find Carrie dazzling her followers with a refreshing blend of fashion, fitness, and wellness content, all shared with her unique, creative flair. Despite her youth, she’s already a leading light among Singapore’s influencers. Carrie Wong isn’t just living the dream—she’s redefining it, one dazzling post and performance at a time.

female influencers - Eunice Annabel Limfemale influencers - Eunice Annabel Lim

Eunice Annabel Lim Mei En, a name once synonymous with the glitzy world of Singaporean lifestyle blogging, born on a breezy day, 22 January 1994, has taken her charm to the skies, serving as a stylish air stewardess for Singapore Airlines (SIA). Her vibrant personality didn’t just captivate the hearts of social media fans; she also shined in modelling gigs and even graced the local TV scene with her acting skills.

Imagine the spotlight on Eunice at merely 17 when she clinched the title in Clicknetwork’s VAUNT model search back in 2011 – talk about teenage dreams coming true! Fast forward to June 2020, and she’s a sensation on Instagram with a whopping 190,000 followers, each eager to catch a glimpse of her adventures above and below the clouds.