The rumor that singer Yoon Sang placed his son, RIIZE’s Anton, in SM Entertainment is false

 The rumor that singer Yoon Sang placed his son, RIIZE’s Anton (real name Chanyoung Yoon), in SM Entertainment is not true.

On the 17th, Yoon Sang and RIIZE‘s Anton appeared together on tvN’s entertainment show “Yoo Quiz on the Block” and talked.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok asked Yoon Sang, “Isn’t your son an idol? Did you ever imagine that he would become an idol’s father?”

Yoon Sang said, “I couldn’t even imagine. (Chanyoung) has loved music since she was young, but isn’t being an idol a different path? And he originally took up swimming for about 10 years, but as he got into it, he got pretty good grades among his peers (in the U.S.), so he started swimming for 10 years. I did it for a long time.”

Anton confessed his true feelings, saying, “I didn’t dream of becoming a swimmer, but I swam to go to a ‘good school’. So I continued to play the piano and cello while swimming, and as I entered middle and high school, I developed an interest in composition.”

He then confessed, “Actually, I think I started dreaming of becoming a singer on my own even before that. But I knew what my dad and mom wanted, so it was hard for me to say it at first.”

When asked, “How did you feel when you heard, ‘Dad, I want to become a singer?’” Yoon Sang responded, “I told him not to do that. From my perspective, I started out living a wild goose life to dream big in a wide space, but when I suddenly heard that he came to Korea to become an idol, people turned his back on me.”

“So I argued with my mom for about a year. In the end, I told her to give me a chance and asked her to come in. With that in mind, I asked her to come because I thought she would be able to study at school,” he said.

Yoo Jae-seok wondered, “Did you get an offer from SM?” and Anton replied, “I (applied) for the audition.”

He mentioned the rumor that was always circulating that his father, Yoon Sang, had the power to join SM Entertainment, and Yoon Sang explained the rumor by saying, “When I heard that story, I thought you really didn’t know the world.”

In addition, Jo Se-ho said, “As a father, weren’t you nervous while watching RIIZE’s debut stage?”

Anton made people laugh by saying, “It was really good and cool. My mom responded. My dad said, ‘This is just the beginning.’”

Yoon Sang recalled the time, saying, “Chanyoung lived a wild goose life since he was an adult. It was difficult to see him even for a month a year. It seemed unrealistic for my father to see such a friend suddenly dance and sing in an unfamiliar place.”

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