The conflict between meenoi and AOMG has escalated beyond mere disagreements into a fierce battle of truths

 The conflict between meenoi and AOMG has escalated beyond mere disagreements, turning into a fierce battle of truths.

meenoi and AOMG have entered into proceedings to terminate their exclusive contract due to unresolved conflicts related to recent controversies surrounding a missed advertisement shoot.

meenoi signed an exclusive contract with AOMG in November last year, coinciding with the release of his new song “How Would It Be,” raising expectations for his new endeavors.

However, just three months after joining AOMG, in February, meenoi abruptly broke down in tears during a live broadcast, leaving cryptic messages such as “I committed a sin,” sparking discussions.

Furthermore, it was revealed that meenoi abruptly canceled a cosmetics brand advertisement shoot two hours before, leading to controversy over a “no-show.”

AOMG explained that the conflict between meenoi and the agency arose from differing understandings of authority during the advertising shoot contract negotiations. Furthermore, they hinted at resolving the conflicts with meenoi and improving communication.

However, on the 4th, meenoi directly addressed the controversies on her personal channel, stating that she did not receive details of the advertisement contract and accused AOMG of using a “fake stamp” instead of his own stamp on the contract. She also claimed to have requested modifications to the contract conditions, which were not accepted, and clarified that the advertisement shoot was not a “no-show” but rather a boundary set by her.

In response, they refuted meenoi’s false claims through a media outlet’s exclusive report, revealing that the “fake stamp” meenoi mentioned was the electronic signature method used by AOMG for all advertisement contracts.

After the report, meenoi expressed his frustration through a surprise live broadcast, claiming to have been unjustly treated. She stated that she requested modifications to the advertisement contract but was told it would be difficult, leading him to believe that he couldn’t proceed with it as it was. She also mentioned that she didn’t want to continue the ongoing conflict with her agency but felt compelled to address the false allegations made by the company.

Both sides continue to fiercely battle over the truth as they face the prospect of contract termination, leaving the public feeling exhausted by the ongoing dispute between them.