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Ever wondered why businesses in Singapore are increasingly collaborating with influencers on TikTok? Well, it’s a no-brainer. TikTok’s short video format has taken the country by storm, connecting businesses with over 2.39 million viewers through ads. Incredibly enough, this means companies have the potential to engage with more than 39% of the total population in the country through a single ad.

TikTok Advertising Audience Overview in Singapore

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the potential audience aged 18+ that businesses can reach through TikTok advertising in Singapore:

  • 53% are female
  • 47% are male
  • The potential ad reach (18+ age group) is 39.9% of the total population in Singapore (2.39 million people)
  • Quarter on quarter, the audience growth rate is -2.9% (-73,000 people)
  • Year on Year, the audience growth rate is 30.9% (565,000 people)
  • The total ad reach (18+ age group) vs the total population (18+ age group) ratio is 46.5%
  • The total ad reach (18+ age group) vs the total population is 41.1% (2.39 million people out of 5.92 million)

So, what makes TikTok special?

It goes beyond the crazy fun filters, short video format, and the ability to create viral content. TikTok allows businesses in Singapore to tap into a different kind of audience — one that is younger, more diverse, and highly engaged.

We’ve seen marketing pros harness the power of TikTok, using it as a tool to connect with their targeted audiences. Whether it’s a viral phenomenon or a funny bite-sized video, TikTok has been at the heart of it.

The country’s TikTok influencers have also attracted a massive following, with some reaching over 20 million followers on the platform. These influencers have amassed a loyal fan base, becoming the go-to sources for entertainment, inspiration, and product recommendations.

Their influence on their followers is undeniable, the reason they’re highly sought after by businesses looking to leverage their reach and engagement.

So, who are these top TikTok influencers in Singapore? We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most followed TikTok influencers in the country based on their number of followers (as of January 2024):

No. 1: Ming Wei Rocks — 22.6 million Followers

tiktok influencer - ming wei rockstiktok influencer - ming wei rocks

Stealing the show at number one, we have Ming Wei, better known online as Mingweirocks. Together with his father, this duo shot to popularity on TikTok, thanks to their regular posts of humorous prank videos. So, if you’re on the hunt for some genuine laughs and top-tier entertainment, Ming Wei’s TikTok feed is a must-follow.

Ming Wei has not restricted his talents to creating laugh-inducing prank videos on TikTok. Interestingly, he is also an esteemed taekwondo player with international representation for Singapore under his belt.

Most notably, he clinched the gold medal at the 2017 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championship in Montreal — a feat no Singaporean before him had achieved.

Ming Wei doesn’t stop at TikTok and taekwondo; he has extended his influence to other social media platforms, boasting a following of 256K on Instagram and a YouTube channel subscribed by 9.47M fans. In addition, he lets his humorous side shine on his second TikTok account, which has attracted over 1.6 million followers.


  • TikTok: 22.6 million
  • Instagram: 256K
  • YouTube: 9.47M subscribers (as of December 2023)
  • TikTok Account No.2: Ming Wei’s Second TikTok — 1.6 million Followers

No.2: Nic Kaufmann — 19.5 million Followers

tiktok influencer - nic kaufmanntiktok influencer - nic kaufmann

Nic Kaufmann, a star of Singapore-Indian and German heritage, has captivated over 19 million TikTok followers with his distinct looks, dreamy eyes, and wavy hair.

Although he’s now living in Munich, Germany, he was a Singapore resident until 2018, when he moved for further studies. His creative flair is notable in his work with renowned fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren, where he produces captivating content.

Nic Kaufmann’s TikTok blends fashion-centric posts, food diaries, and regular general life updates. Nic is an active social media influencer who also commands a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube.

His Instagram feed features an array of model shoots and has a following of 1.7 million. Furthermore, his YouTube channel, where he shares engaging vlogs, boasts over 454K subscribers.


  • TikTok: 19.5 million
  • Instagram: 1.7 million
  • YouTube: 454K subscribers (as of December 2023)

No.3: Naomi Neo – 1.8M followers

tiktok influencer - naomi neotiktok influencer - naomi neo

Naomi Neo began her career as a lifestyle blogger and has since evolved into a prominent content creator across all social media platforms, including TikTok, where she has over 1.8 million followers.

Her content primarily features family-oriented posts with her husband and kids. Besides TikTok, she also shares similar content on Instagram and YouTube, garnering more than 840K followers and 450K subscribers on each platform.

In addition to managing her social media platforms, Naomi also spearheads two entrepreneurial ventures – “nnpower,” a brand focused on holistic wellness, and “NNCHANTED,” a label specializing in personalized jewellery.

Through her social media influence, Naomi has also worked as a brand ambassador with various brands and companies.


  • TikTok: 1.8 million
  • Instagram: 840K
  • YouTube: 450K subscribers (as of December 2023)

No. 4: Haven (Teo Cher Win) – 1.1M followers

Popularly recognized by her stage name, Haven, Teo Cher Win is a renowned local pop sensation. She has collaborated notably with several artists, including Filipino singer KD Estrada and local singer-songwriter-producer Caspar.

With a TikTok following exceeding 1 million, Haven shares a mix of everyday life and humorous content, offering fans an exciting glimpse into her world.

Besides her activity on TikTok, Haven also maintains an active presence on Instagram. With over 208K followers, she often shares casual daily life moments and updates about her music albums. Her YouTube channel is also active, featuring various music videos and vlogs with her fellow local artists.


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  • TikTok: 1.1 million
  • Instagram: 208K
  • YouTube: 102K subscribers (as of December 2023)

No. 5: Jian Hao Tan – 1.1M followers

tiktok influencer - jian hao tantiktok influencer - jian hao tan

Jian Hao Tan started his career on YouTube, where he currently has over 6.8 million subscribers.

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Today, Jian Hao Tan also enjoys remarkable popularity on TikTok, garnering around 1 million followers. His TikTok content predominantly features humour-laden videos with his friends, intermingled with updates from his personal life, particularly involving his daughter.

Beyond TikTok and YouTube, Jian Hao maintains an active presence on Instagram, frequently posting content featuring his family and friends.

In addition to overseeing his social media platforms, Jian Hao Tan also holds the prestigious title of CEO and Founder of Titan Digital Media, an unparalleled entity in the Singaporean media and entertainment sector.

His entrepreneurial ventures don’t stop there; he also spearheaded the establishment of Hypercars, a car dealership involved in the buying and selling vehicles.


  • TikTok: 1.1 million
  • Instagram: 497K
  • YouTube: 6.8 million subscribers (as of December 2023)

No.6: Glenn Yong – 426.6K followers

tiktok influencer - glenn yongtiktok influencer - glenn yong

Glenn Yong, a talented Singaporean actor and singer, first graced our TV screens in 2019, and since then, he’s become one of Singapore’s most influential TikTokers.

Known for his good looks and impeccable fashion style, Glenn is a go-to source for men’s fashion inspiration. Still, his appeal goes beyond gender lines – his charisma simply can’t be ignored. His content, resonating with a broad audience, has earned him a following of 426.6K on TikTok.

However, Glenn’s appeal isn’t limited to just the male demographic. His undeniable charm captivates a diverse audience, regardless of the content — life updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or TikTok challenges, his followers always long for more. His popularity and influence extend to Instagram, where he has over 74K followers.


  • TikTok: 426.6K
  • Instagram: 74K (as of December 2023)

No.7: Wraya – 5.7M followers

tiktok influencer - wrayatiktok influencer - wraya

Wraya, better known as Wengie, is a well-known figure on YouTube and an accomplished singer who has adeptly made her presence felt on TikTok. She routinely captivates her followers on this platform with her impressive dance routines, set to the trendiest beats. But that’s just one aspect of her engaging content.

Wraya also frequently shares snippets from her brand-new music videos and tender moments with her adorable cat companion. Her charisma and talent haven’t gone unnoticed, as her following on TikTok has climbed up to 5.7 million.

Beyond TikTok, Wraya also maintains a strong presence on YouTube, regularly dropping cover songs and vlogs documenting her everyday life. Her channel currently boasts an impressive subscriber count of over 13.5 million.

On Instagram, she shares stunning visuals of her fashion style and intimate moments with friends and family, amassing over 1.7 million followers.


  • TikTok: 5.7 million
  • Instagram: 1.7 million
  • YouTube: 13.5 million subscribers (as of December 2023)

No.8: Daddy Ming – 8.4M followers

tiktok influencer - daddy mingtiktok influencer - daddy ming

Daddy Ming, a lovable and whimsical father figure, has emerged as a TikTok sensation, amassing a staggering 8.4M followers on the platform. Initially gaining prominence through his son’s videos, Daddy Ming’s humorous antics and knack for pranks have perpetually kept his audience in stitches.

His comedic genius extends into crafting hilarious content that will leave you clutching your sides with laughter. Now, this endearing dad isn’t just featured in his son’s videos but also creates his own unique content that fans can’t seem to get enough of.


  • TikTok: 8.4 million
  • Instagram: 52.2K followers (as of December 2023)

Bella Astillah, a dynamic TikTok influencer from Malaysia, is significantly impacting the Singaporean TikTok scene with her captivating traditional dance videos. She effortlessly synchronizes with rhythm, setting the stage ablaze with her moves.

Moreover, Bella generously offers a peek into her family life through her posts, endearing herself to her followers. Her melodious singing is another facet of her talent that keeps her fans hooked.

Complementing her manifold talents is her impeccable fashion sense, making her a go-to for stellar outfit inspirations.


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  • TikTok: 1.5M
  • Instagram 2.3M

tiktok influencer - zi hao laotiktok influencer - zi hao lao

Zi Hao Lao, an ingenious origami master and current student at NTU, is turning humble sheets of paper into extraordinary art pieces. His TikTok account offers a wealth of creative stimulation, displaying his knack for crafting intricate and astonishing paper sculptures, ranging from lifelike animals to elaborate structures.

Zi Hao Lao’s artistic prowess isn’t confined to paper; he dabbles in other forms like painting and 3D printing, continually striving to expand his creative horizons. With a following of 698.8K, his content never ceases to inspire and delight.


  • TikTok: 706.1K
  • Instagram: 28K (as of December 2023)

tiktok influencer - rahultiktok influencer - rahul

Are you looking to level up your life and career? Dive into the wisdom-filled world of Rahul Bhatnagar, a TikTok sensation on a mission to inspire and motivate. Rahul Bhatnagar imparts valuable life lessons through his content — from productivity hacks and financial tips to personal development strategies and career advice.

His infectious positivity and genuine desire to help others have garnered him a substantial following of 664K on TikTok. Beyond the platform, his message continues to spread through his book: “If you have transparent communication, the relationship is always smooth..”

He also regularly conducts workshops that empower individuals to achieve their full potential.


  • TikTok: 663.9K
  • Instagram: 2M (as of December 2023)

No.12: Shawn – 554.4K followers

tiktok influencer - shawntiktok influencer - shawn

Meet Shawn on TikTok, a celebrity in his own right who isn’t afraid to stand tall and voice his thoughts on trending topics. His content is all about what we all go through — from challenges at work and friendships to romantic relationships and everything in between.

And that’s not all! Lately, he’s also been delving into Singapore’s music industry. It’s no surprise that his follower count keeps skyrocketing.


  • TikTok: 554.4K
  • Instagram: 10.5K (as of December 2023)

Life Philosophy is a treasure trove of life hacks and product reviews on TikTok, amassing a following of nearly 384.6K. This account is an abundant resource of tutorial content, ranging from home improvement tips like applying wall stickers, cleaning toilets, and fixing pipe holes to personal grooming advice such as hair cutting.

In addition to these practical skills, Life Philosophy also shares unique product reviews covering various household items, from kitchen utensils to bedroom linens. For food enthusiasts, they provide cooking tutorials showcasing easy, budget-friendly meals.

The comprehensive and helpful content offered by Life Philosophy has undoubtedly played a significant role in their rising popularity.


No.14: Adam Digital – 496K followers

tiktok influencer - adam digitaltiktok influencer - adam digital

Brace yourselves for a digital journey with Adam Digital, the tech savvy TikTok influencer from Singapore. With a follower count of 488K, he is your go-to guide for everything tech.

Adam consistently delivers engaging content that satiates even the most ardent tech enthusiast, from the newest AI technology to the freshest software on the market. His in-depth knowledge of the tech industry, combined with his passion, creates content that’s both informative and enjoyable.


  • TikTok: 496K Followers
  • Instagram: 79K (as of December 2023)

No.15: Angel — 362K followers


Meet Angel, the comedy queen lighting up her followers’ days with her impressive dance skills and facial expressions.

Always on top of the latest dance trends, Angel frequently includes her family in her TikTok videos, demonstrating the significance of family values in leading a joyous life. Her love for dance and unwavering commitment to family resonates strongly with her followers, adding warmth and laughter to their day-to-day lives.


  • TikTok: 362K Followers
  • Instagram: 4,211 Followers

tiktok influencer -john stantiktok influencer -john stan

John Stan Kazue is a force to be reckoned with in the cosplay and beauty community on TikTok. His uncanny ability to transform into various anime characters resonates with his growing audience.

Apart from cosplay tips, John also offers a glimpse into his love for K-pop and shares humorous content and daily snippets of his life as a pet parent. His following is now over 335.2K on TikTok, reflecting his rising popularity.


  • TikTok: 333.9K Followers
  • Instagram: 70.5K

No.17: Deroy Lukas – 300.8K followers

tiktok influencer - lukastiktok influencer - lukas

Introducing Deroy Lukas, a major player on TikTok’s “For You” page, recognized for his striking tattoos and handsome looks. His engaging content mix, including POV videos, glimpses of his life as a barista, and entertaining skits, has attracted an impressive audience of over 310K. His appealing physical features add to the allure of his posts, boosting his burgeoning fame.

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  • TikTok: 300.8K Followers
  • Instagram: 5563

No.18: Miss Laddeki – 282.9K followers

tiktok influencer - miss laddekitiktok influencer - miss laddeki

Hailing from Singapore, Miss Laddeki is a renowned fitness influencer on TikTok. Despite her physical disability, Laddeki is a powerhouse of positivity and resilience, captivating her audience with her zest for life.

From fitness routines and dance videos to beauty advice, her diverse and inspiring content never fails to uplift her followers.

A testament to her influence, she has also partnered with various businesses, encompassing sectors like fragrance and dietary supplements. Her follower count on TikTok continues to grow, with her infectious spirit earning the hearts of fans worldwide.


  • TikTok: 283.2K
  • Instagram: 33.3K (as of December 2023)

No.19: Tiffany – 279.5K followers

tiktok influencer - tiffanytiktok influencer - tiffany

We present Tiffany, an Indonesian student living in Singapore who is passionate about dance. She posts dance videos on TikTok as a solo performer and in group routines, all set to the hottest musical tracks.

But dance is not her only forte; Tiffany also offers her followers fashion inspiration with videos demonstrating how to style outfits. She is adept at providing pointers for striking the right poses for photographs, ensuring her viewers can always put their best foot forward.

Anyone aiming to keep abreast of the current dance and fashion scene would do well to check out Tiffany’s videos.


No.20: Mica – 223.4K followers 

We round off our list with Mica, TikTok’s pinnacle of fashion and humour. Mica’s content blends fashion advice, photography tutorials, and a hearty dose of comedy. He empowers his followers by teaching them how to serve up killer poses and outfits.

Beyond fashion, Mica lets his followers into his daily life, often featuring his friends in side-splitting comedy skits. Mica is a beacon to all Singaporean men who strive to look their best and live life to the fullest, with a healthy sprinkle of humour.