TEMPEST’s Hwarang has admitted to and apologized for the privacy controversy

TEMPEST’s Hwarang has admitted to and apologized for the privacy controversy.

Their agency, WepHwa Entertainment, stated on the official fan cafe on the 20th, “Regarding the privacy-related issues involving Hwarang that were spread through SNS, we sincerely apologize to the fans who were worried due to the actions of our artist, Hwarang.”

They continued, “The content circulated on SNS is not true, and Hwarang deeply reflects on having visited the mentioned place. He has promised not to repeat the same actions, and both our agency and he will pay special attention to ensuring that such behavior does not recur.”

Lastly, they bowed their heads and said, “At this point before the comeback, we once again deeply apologize to the fans and TEMPEST members for causing concern.”

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Previously, a video spread on SNS showing he responding to a fan’s question during an online video call fan signing event, where he admitted to visiting a club, saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong. I have never hung out with a girl.” Furthermore, another group member’s name was mentioned in the video as having visited the club, sparking controversy.

TEMPEST, which debuted in March 2022, is gearing up for the release of their fifth mini-album ‘TEMPEST Voyage’ on March 11. He has been selected as an MC for MBC M’s ‘Show! Champion,’ which will be broadcasted live on the 21st.