TEMPEST Hwarang temporarily suspends activities

TEMPEST Hwarang temporarily suspends activities.

On the 6th, TEMPEST’s agency, Wehwa Entertainment, announced, “Following recent personal privacy-related issues revealed through social media, TEMPEST Hwarang has been engaged in deep discussions with our agency regarding future activities. During this process, Hwarang failed to regain trust, and our agency judged that it would be difficult to continue full-team activities under these circumstances.”

The statement continued, “Therefore, our agency has decided to temporarily suspend Hwarang’s activities. As a result, the group’s 5th mini-album ‘TEMPEST Voyage’ activities will proceed with a 6-member lineup excluding Hwarang.”

Additionally, they expressed, “We ask for your understanding regarding the possibility of Hwarang’s footage being included in pre-recorded shoots and productions, and we apologize for causing concern to our fans with this sudden news.”

Finally, they added, “We kindly ask for warm support and encouragement for the members who are preparing for the “TEMPEST Voyage” activities ahead, and we hope that groundless speculation and indiscriminate criticism will be refrained from.”

TEMPEST - 5th Mini Album 'TEMPEST Voyage' (Concept Photo #1) : r/Tempest

Hwarang was previously embroiled in controversy over personal privacy. Last month, during a video call fan signing event, a fan claimed to have seen Hwarang at a club. In response, Hwarang admitted to the club visit, saying, “Did you see me then? Are you sure it was me?”

Born in 2001, Hwarang’s club visit itself is not problematic. However, spreading unconfirmed rumors involving other idols sparked controversy.

The group, including Hwarang, will release their fifth mini-album “TEMPEST Voyage” on the 11th at 6 p.m. (KST), marking their return after six months.