“Tears after 10 years”AKMU’s Lee Suhyun apologizes after overcoming slump

“I gained a lot of strength from all of your warm gazes and love.”

In the end, tears flowed. Lee Suhyun, who confessed the challenging times and slump when making a comeback after a two-year hiatus, couldn’t hold back tears on stage, moved by the love and support from fans. It was a time that meant a lot to Lee Suhyun, crying on stage for the first time in 10 years.

Sibling duo AKMU (Akdong Musician) successfully concluded their KBS 2TV show, ‘The Seasons – AKMU’s Five Days and Nights,’ on the 22nd. On this day, Lee Suhyun, while singing, shed tears, capturing the audience’s attention. It was a moment where she seemed unable to control her emotions, overwhelmed by gratitude. The audience applauded, showing support for this emotional moment.

For the final broadcast, Lee Suhyun covered Yoo Jae-ha’s ‘Hidden Road.’ She explained, “I chose this song because this program allowed me to walk a splendid path. Every time, I received a lot of strength from all of your warm gazes and love. I hope you become ‘my path,’ ‘my light in the dark times,’ and I will sing with that message.”

While singing confidently, Lee Suhyun suddenly couldn’t continue. It was the last broadcast, and she seemed deeply immersed in the emotions of the song. In that moment, her brother, Lee Chanhyuk, took over the song, and the audience applauded, encouraging Lee Suhyun. After the performance, Lee Chanhyuk handed her a tissue to wipe away her tears.

Concluding the stage with tears, Lee Suhyun apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. I really haven’t cried like this on stage in 10 years.” Despite her embarrassment, the audience responded with even louder applause.

Lee Chanhyuk shared his thoughts, saying, “For me, it was a time to feel and learn why our AKMU is loved so much up close. I enjoyed and felt a lot of joy in empathizing with things. I hope we can meet again.” Lee Suhyun also expressed gratitude, saying, “Thanks to the many interests and love you sent us and the highest viewer ratings, this program will be an unforgettable memory for us.”

For Lee Suhyun, ‘The Seasons – AKMU’s Five Days and Nights’ held special significance. In August, she made a comeback after a two-year hiatus with the release of ‘Love Lee’ and confessed to a slump. At that time, she revealed, “It feels like about three years. I’ve decided that I have to live now in the long and stagnant times. Despite the worries and fears, I prepared for a comeback with the support of family, friends, and colleagues who cherish and love me.”

She added, “Knowing that there are many people who love the cheerful and singing me, I didn’t want to show my current self. I stayed indoors for a long time, not wanting to go outside and be seen. It was tough for a long time, but with countless worries and comfort, I thought I should take care of myself and moved the stopped time with ‘Love Lee.’”

After going through tough times, she made a comeback, and during the promotional period, she received support and comfort up close through ‘The Seasons.’ Thus, the last episode of this meaningful program became even more special for Lee Suhyun.