Taldeok Camp refused to accept the first trial verdict and even applied for a suspension of execution of the lawsuit results

While popular girl group IVE member Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment declared strong legal action against fake news, Taldeok Camp refused to accept the first trial verdict and even applied for a suspension of execution of the lawsuit results.

In an official statement on the 17th, the civil lawsuit filed by Jang Won-young against the ‘Taldeok Concentration Camp’ and said, “The other party did not respond, so the lawsuit was decided in favor of a fictitious confession.”

In October 2023, Jang Won-young filed a lawsuit claiming damages worth 100 million won against Mr. A, the operator of the Taldeok Camp. This lawsuit was filed with the court in October 2023, and the court later requested a response from the defendant, but did not respond. As time passed, the court deemed it to have been served and ruled in Jang Won-young’s favor without argument.

However, in response to this, Mr. A submitted an appeal through his legal representative on the 17th, challenging the decision. After the complaint was filed, the court and Jang Won-young had virtually remained silent in response to the legal response, but belatedly submitted an appeal and responded that the charges could not be acknowledged, and the trial was moved to the appeals court.

Afterwards, Star News confirmed that Mr. A applied to the court on the 23rd for a mandatory suspension of execution of the results of this lawsuit.

Normally, if the defendant files an appeal within two weeks of receiving the judgment, the judgment will not be finalized. However, if there is a provisional execution sentence, the creditor can enforce compulsory execution based on the execution sentence even if the judgment is not finalized due to an appeal. This can be temporarily stopped by applying for a suspension of execution.

As a result, Taldeok Camp showed its will not to accept the strong legal response from Jang Won-young and Starship and the subsequent court ruling.

Taldeok Camp has been criticized by fans for mentioning many K-pop artists as a Cyber Wrecka channel that indiscriminately spread false facts and malicious rumors. Among them, Taldeok Camp has been criticized for publishing severe fake news against Jang Won-young and others. Entertainment will take out the sword of strong legal action in July 2023.

Taldeok Camp has been notorious as a representative Cyber Wrecka channel that has been criticized for indiscriminately spreading unfounded facts and malicious rumors against popular celebrities. In order to increase the number of views, Taldeok Camp used celebrities as scapegoats and spread false information and caused great confusion. Accordingly, major pop music organizations called for severe punishment for malicious content creators, including Taldeok Camp, in September 2023.

Afterwards, Starship Entertainment received an order to provide information from the US DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHRN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA in May 2023, and announced this month that it had obtained meaningful information about the operator of the ‘Taldeok Camp’ from Google headquarters in the US. Through Google’s cooperation, we strongly expressed our will to take legal action against the defection camp and obtained a favorable ruling in the first instance.

Starship Entertainment said, “We have been pursuing civil and criminal lawsuits and overseas lawsuits since November 2022 against Taldeok Camp, which has continuously harassed our artists. Taldeok Camp has seriously defamed our reputation by continuously spreading false information, and as a result, we have filed a lawsuit against Taldeok Camp.” “Not only did it interfere with work, but it also caused serious pain to artists and fans. We are doing our best to hold them accountable in civil and criminal terms through the ongoing lawsuit.”

Jang Won-young and Starship Entertainment are expected to not stop at this. The 50th Division of the Seoul Central District Court is scheduled to hold the hearing on the 24th for a lawsuit claiming damages worth 100 million won filed by Starship Entertainment, Jang Won-young’s agency, against the operator of the YouTube channel Taldeok Camp.