“Strong Heart VS”: Lee Ji-hoon expressed his disappointment at the change in his younger sister’s appearance ahead of marriage

While Lee Ji-hoon gave warmth as an unrealistic brother and sister in “Strong Heart VS”, he expressed his disappointment at the change in his younger sister’s appearance ahead of marriage.

In the SBS entertainment show “Strong Heart VS”  broadcast on the 30th, Lee Ji-hoon mentioned the rumor of a feud with his sister.

The MCs made people laugh when they said about Lee Ji-hoon, “He is an unrealistic older brother who surprised the whole country. I thought they were a couple because they got married.” That’s because he showed a very affectionate side with his younger sister.

Lee Ji-hoon said, “I didn’t believe that everyone was trying to make things up,” when they saw the unrealistic brother and sister appearance of shoulder-to-shoulder walking.

Jun Hyun-moo also said, “I wondered if there was a need to set it up like that,” making them laugh. Lee Ji-hoon, who was also caught helping his younger sister fasten her seat belt while riding in a car, was embarrassed, saying, “I did it for my younger sister because she forgot. I just overdid it.”

Then, everyone was surprised to hear that Lee Ji-hoon was in the midst of preparing for his wedding recently, and everyone wondered, “Are you really getting married or is this going to be revealed to the public for the first time?”

In response, Lee Ji-hoon said, “It’s a joke,” and said that his sister, who is 5 years younger than him, is preparing for marriage. In response, they all mentioned their special younger sister once again, saying, “I was really sweet to her younger sister because I thought she would be against the marriage.”

In response, Lee Ji-hoon wondered, “Can I sleep in the same bed while my brother and sister are sleeping?”

Um Ji-yoon said, “I can’t imagine being isolated,” and was horrified, “They don’t even hug.” Lee Ji-hoon, who can even kiss the cheek even if it is not the lips, surprised everyone by saying, “My younger sister, who was preparing to become a flight attendant, was exhausted after crying because of falling away on the last day. I was so sad and sad that I kissed her on the cheek out of pity.”

When asked if they had always been special since childhood, Lee Ji-hoon said, “We fought a lot when I was young, and my mother was very sick when I was 20, and that’s when we started relying on each other. One day, we got into a big fight and lost contact, which made me realize that we were our only bloodline. It became sticky.”

Lee Ji-hoon, who was so jealous of his sister’s prospective groom, said, “My younger sister, who is planning a wedding, used to come when I asked her to have dinner with me, but now she doesn’t come.”

He also said, “I didn’t hear from my sister at some point on my birthday, and I didn’t ask her to take care of anything, but I didn’t even get a phone call.” Lee Ji-hoon was disappointed, saying, “When I called, she was playing with her boyfriend. One day, my boyfriend was also wearing shoes that my sister liked.”

In response, Lee Ji-hoon said, “I want to work hard and pay for the wedding expenses and a car.”

He added, “I thought I would definitely buy him a car when I got married, so I told him to work hard, and when I asked about the car type, I asked him about his budget. I cut it too much,” he said, making them laugh as if they were siblings in real life.

Also, referring to the recent rumor of discord with his younger brother, Lee Ji-hoon said, “My younger sister, who is a casino dealer, came out of the dormitory and started living with me. It was okay when she didn’t have a boyfriend, but now that she has a boyfriend, she won’t come home. We were going to eat together until he came. I waited, but there was no call until 11 o’clock.”

Lee Ji-hoon said, “One day, I asked, ‘Why are you living with my sister?’ and told me to pack up my things until I move, and my sister said the same,” and that’s when trouble arose.

Lee Ji-hoon said, “It was early in the morning, and I wondered who I was calling her boyfriend. Fortunately, it was my father. My younger sister went back to my parents’ house.”