Stray Kids’ Lee Know has been appointed as a member of the “Bob Pierce Honor Club”

Stray Kids’ Lee Know has been appointed as a member of the “Bob Pierce Honor Club”.

On February 28th, the international relief and development NGO World Vision (Chairman Jo Myeong-hwan) announced that Stray Kids‘ Lee Know has been appointed to the “Bob Pierce Honor Club”.

Lee Know: Stray Kids' Lee Know Becomes Youngest Member Of World Vision  Korea's Bob Pierce Honor Club With Generous Donation | Korean News, Times  Now

“Bob Pierce Honor Club” is a group of high-paying donors named after Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision. Among donors who have donated more than 100 million won, the club appoints members who empathize with various global issues and lead in promoting the value of sharing.

“Bob Pierce Honor Club” encourages a culture of active donation by transparently disclosing donation results. Notable figures from various fields, including JYP Entertainment producer Park Jin-young, are spreading the value of sharing in various social sectors.

Lee Know donated 100 million won to World Vision’s global food crisis response project in January to help children in the poorest countries facing food shortages due to rapid climate change. He also participated in emergency relief efforts for the Turkey-Syria earthquake last February.

Since starting overseas child sponsorship with World Vision in 2014, Lee Know has formed bonds with a total of four domestic and international children to date. He actively supports domestic projects and leads in sharing activities for marginalized neighbors.

Lee Know said, “I am grateful if my strength can be of any help to children at home and abroad.” He added, “I will think about what I can do in my position and pass on the love I received.”

Chairman Jo Myeong-hwan of World Vision said, “Lee Know, who has consistently shown interest and support for children in difficult situations, has become the youngest member of the Bapierce Honor Club.” He continued, “We will make further efforts to ensure that Lee Know’s positive influence can be effectively delivered through World Vision.”

Meanwhile, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Han, and Seungmin held a ‘Dream Day’ event with World Vision last October, meeting directly with 16 teenagers dreaming of becoming singers.

Dream Day is part of World Vision’s Dream Support Project, where mentors and mentees share concerns about their future careers and support the dreams of children and adolescents. Stray Kids members shared their experiences, offered advice, and conducted mentoring sessions by teaching choreography.