Song Ha-yoon mentioned Kang Ji-won, portrayed by Park Min-young as the main villain in the tvN drama ”Marry My Husband”

Song Ha-yoon mentioned Kang Ji-won, portrayed by Park Min-young as the main villain in the tvN drama ”Marry My Husband”.

Recently, Song Ha-yoon held a wrap-up interview for ”Marry My Husband”, which ended on the 20th, at the King Kong by Starship office located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and shared various stories.

”Marry My Husband” is a destiny pioneering drama where Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young), who witnessed her best friend and husband’s affair, goes back ten years to take revenge on them. In the drama, Song Ha-yoon played the role of Jung Su-min, who is Kang Ji-won’s best friend and had an affair with Kang Ji-won’s husband, Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung).

On that day, Song Ha-yoon said, “I started (working on the project) last February and worked for almost a year. I tried not to use the word ‘difficult’ as Song Ha-yoon for almost a year. I thought I would collapse. If I had let go of my mind, I wonder how I would have made it to the end.”

She explained, “I’ve always expressed characters emotionally, but this time, I got sick and struggled when I tried to put emotions into it. So, I separated myself emotionally and continued to convince myself. If it didn’t work, I would torture myself even by memorizing emotions.”

When the character Jung Su-min was not understood, she also sought help from experts. She said, “Jung Su-min had a personality opposite to mine. So, I met with mental health professionals or profilers and asked about ‘why I feel these emotions.’ I studied those emotions and expressions technically.”

She added, “But as I analyzed her behavior, the conversation got deeper. It even went into the story of being in my mother’s womb. I really don’t know how Su-min lived. There were no words or diagnoses that could define her.”

However, Song Ha-yoon also showed a perfect immersion into the character Su-min when talking about the story of the drama. When asked, “Who do you think is the biggest villain in the drama?” she laughed and said, “From Su-min’s perspective, Kang Ji-won seems to be the villain. I lived as Su-min, so I couldn’t understand (Kang Ji-won).”

She continued, “Rather than saying that I tormented Ji-won, looking back after it’s over, Su-min didn’t choose her freedom. Instead of living comfortably with her freedom, she seemed to have gone in the opposite direction, living without freedom under obsession.”

She also found the ending of Jung Su-min in prison heartbreaking. Song Ha-yoon said, “Rather than satisfaction with the ending, I’m concerned about Su-min, who came to prison. So far, since I’ve played good characters, I’ve ended with ‘she lived happily,’ but I’m worried about Su-min, who was put in prison without defining her personality and tendencies.” She continued, “But maybe Su-min is leading a wise life in prison. She might be cursing Kang Ji-won to the other inmates.”

She added, “I felt a lot during the filming of the prison scenes. When I looked in the mirror at the prison set, I felt that my feelings and impressions had changed. I felt like, ‘This is how life changes when you live a bad life.’ I’ve heard that wrinkles and expressions show a lived life, but I felt that through Su-min.”