Son Seok-goo has recently confirmed to have established his own production company

Son Seok-goo has recently confirmed to have established his own production company.

Male actors opting to set up their own one-person management agencies and stepping out independently have drawn attention to Son Seok-goo’s different choice.

According to an advertising industry official on the 5th, “Son Seok-goo chose to establish a production company instead of a one-person management agency. He officially registered his business earlier this year and has been preparing to dive into production in earnest. The production company is in partnership with the financial director of his former agency, Satbyuldan Entertainment. The official added, “(The production company) is currently preparing projects and plans to focus on director and writer contracts in the future.”

Son Seok-goo’s newly established production company is called Stannum Co., Ltd., with the former financial director of his previous agency serving as the representative. The company’s business registration certificate was issued on January 2nd, and its office is located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

It is known that Son Seok-goo established the production company due to his keen interest in content such as movies and dramas. Since last year, Son Seok-goo has been preparing various projects by meeting with many writers and directors.

An industry insider stated, “Son Seok-goo is not only an actor but also one of the actors who has a lot of interest in content,” and added, “It seems that Son Seok-goo has also come up with new ideas as a producer.”

He has attracted attention since his departure from Satbyuldan Entertainment last year as an “FA icon” in the entertainment industry. Regarding the management of Son Seok-goo, which has garnered industry attention, he has decided to work as an agent instead of running a one-person management agency. His former manager from the previous agency will handle this part, planning to work with him in an agent format.

A management official stated, “Although he started his acting career in Korea, he has been living abroad for a long time and has been thinking about management for a long time,” and added, “The name ‘Son Seok-goo’ itself has become a brand. Now, there are many projects seeking him rather than him seeking projects. It seems that he has chosen to continue active actor activities through an agent contract instead of running a one-person management agency, relying on a trusted manager.”

His 2024 is busy, starting with the release of the Netflix original “The Killer’s Paradox” on the 9th. “The Killer’s Paradox” tells the story of an ordinary man who accidentally starts murdering and the detective who relentlessly pursues him, starring Son Seok-goo, Choi Woo-sik, and Lee Hee-joon.

On March 27th, he will meet audiences with the movie “Comment Army” (directed by Ahn Gook-jin). The film depicts the story of a journalist who writes articles about the tyranny of large companies and receives information from an anonymous informant about online opinion manipulation.

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