SEVENTEEN, a ‘new record maker’ with no rough edges

SEVENTEEN, a ‘new record maker’ with no rough edges

“1, 100, 1600” are numbers that now represent SEVENTEEN, the undisputed representative K-pop group. SEVENTEEN’s ‘career high’ record continued this year as well. The first place streak continued, attracting 1 million viewers in just 23 performances, and selling a whopping 16 million albums.

The most notable aspect of the new records collected by SEVENTEEN this year is definitely album sales. Starting with the two mini albums released this year and including older albums that have received consistent love over the years, they have sold more than 16 million copies. Of the total K-pop sales of 116 million copies, SEVENTEEN alone has a 13.8% stake.

The driving force behind physical album sales exceeding 16 million was the new K-pop record set by two new albums. The album “FML”, released in April, set a new record for the largest single K-pop album with cumulative sales of 6.28 million copies, and “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN”, released in October, sold 5.09 million copies in the first week, which refers to the sales trend for one week after release. Beyond the chapter, this sector also achieved the ‘highest ever’ result.

SEVENTEEN is also the ‘god of performance’. The number of audiences attracted by 23 performances at home and abroad was 1.07 million. It is also encouraging that despite the number of performances being reduced by 11 compared to 2022, the number of audiences increased by 200,000.

Befitting their status as the album king, their march to first place continued. For example, in May, immediately after the release of the mini album “FML”, SEVENTEEN took the top spot in four major categories including Top Album Sales, Top Current Album Sales, World Album, and Artist 100 on Billboard, the representative global pop music ranking table.

SEVENTEEN’s prestige is the same in Japan. According to Oricon, a representative local ranking table, in the chart that concludes the year, SEVENTEEN ranked 3rd with “FML”, 5th with Japan’s best album “ALWAYS YOURS”, and 7th with their 11th mini album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN”. All albums released this year attracted attention by entering the top 10.