Seo In-guk fascinated viewers with his dynamic and emotional performance as Choi Yi Jae in “Death’s Game”

Seo In-guk fascinated viewers with his dynamic and emotional performance as Choi Yi Jae in “Death’s Game”.

In PART 2 of TVING’s original series “Death’s Game” (directed/screenplay by Ha Byeong-hoon, produced by SLL, Studio N, Saram Entertainment, provided by TVING) released on the 5th, Seo In-guk (as Choi Yi Jae) gives up on life due to pessimism about his difficult life. He depicts himself experiencing 12 lives and deaths by the judgment of death, and realizing the preciousness of life.

At the end of PART 1, Choi Yi Jae learned that the deaths of his girlfriend Lee Ji Soo (played by the Go Yoon Jeong) and himself were linked to Tae Woo Park (played by Kim Ji Hoon).

After that, Yi Lee was no longer suffering. He was reincarnated as the psychopathic painter Jeong Gyu-cheol (played by Kim Jae-wook), took the risk of sacrificing his life to collect evidence of Park Tae-woo’s atrocities, and returned to the hideout of the dead, revealing that it was all his plan, causing goosebumps. Seo In-guk clearly showed Yi Jae’s complex and subtle emotions by showing crazy eyes and a smile while at the same time shedding tears of anger.

Meanwhile, Yi Lee was reincarnated as a homeless person and through repeated death and life, he realized how precious life was and how happy it was to live as himself. In addition, Yi Jae, who was reincarnated as the 12th character, once again felt the sadness of his remaining family and lovers due to his wrong choice, and could not stop crying out of regret, sadness, and reflection at the reality that he could never go back.

In this way, Seo In-guk smoothly handles the roller coaster emotional changes from extreme anger to regret and despair, adding to the tension and immersion of the drama. Not only did Yi Jae’s emotional details build up even deeper with deeper emotions than in PART 1 through various lives, but he also created a complete play by conveying the heavy message of the work with resonance.

Meanwhile, “Death’s Game” is a life-changing drama in which Choi Yi Jae, who is about to fall into hell, experiences death and life 12 times by the judgment of death. All episodes can be watched through TVING.