“Salon Drip2”: aespa’s Karina praised her older sister

aespa’s Karina praised her older sister on “Salon Drip2”.

On the 6th, a video titled “Perfection? Even better, KARINA | EP.27 aespa KARINA | Salon Drip2” was posted on the YouTube channel “TEO”.

In the video, Karina shyly commented, “This is the first time I’ve seen Jang Doyeon in person. She’s so pretty.” Jang Doyeon admired, “I thought she was an AI” while praising her beauty.

Karina gave her sister a score of 7 out of 10 for her appearance. She said, “It’s not a 6, but it doesn’t seem like a 10 either.”

Jang Doyeon praised Karina, saying, “Karina has a lot of kindness. It’s not easy to take care of the production staff. Karina generously gave shoes to the production staff. I’m very grateful. She has a beautiful heart.”

Karina shared a recent anecdote from Japan, saying, “In January, I went on vacation to Sapporo with a friend. To go to Otaru, we had to take a train. Two Korean women recognized me. They asked to take a photo with me when we got off. The next day, I saw them sitting at the table in front of me at a restaurant. It felt like fate, so I bought them dinner.”

Describing her usual personality, Karina said, “I often hear that I’m like the character ‘Jjanggu.’ I like to joke around and enjoy funny things. I know a lot of memes.”

Jang Doyeon commented, “She’s not just any meme. When she’s struggling, she asks me for help, and there’s a person she chooses among the good news she has, like Lee Jae-yong, the chairman of Samsung Electronics.” Karina laughed and said, “Of course, it’s the latter.”

She mentioned her appearance in the Netflix show “Mystery Investigation Team”, saying, “I don’t have experience in regular variety shows, so I wondered why they cast me. I wanted to ask Producer Jung Jong-yeon about the reason, but I couldn’t.”

Talking about her younger siblings, Karina said, “It was more comfortable at home when I was the youngest, but it’s easier to take care of them now that I’m the leader of the team. My older sister is a nurse. She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. Even when I was a trainee, she took care of me. She’s amazing. I used to fight with her when I was young. Other than fighting when we were young, we didn’t have any other issues. My sister was really stressed when I said on a broadcast, ‘My sister is prettier than me.’ It’s a complete secret whether I have siblings or not.”

Karina mentioned having her fortune read, saying, “My mother had it done for me when I was young. I got it done again after my debut, and it was really accurate. I’ll give you the number. I got it done over the phone. It turned out to be correct for everything. A dancer sister who works with CL introduced me to her. My dancer sister was also introduced to CL. We talked on the phone for two hours. The other members also had their fortunes read over the phone.”

Although she doesn’t believe in ghosts, she shared an experience, saying, “It happened when I was a trainee. We used a new practice room, but it wasn’t a good place. Almost all the trainees saw ghosts. I slept in the corner behind the air conditioner in an empty practice room. I suddenly felt cold and woke up, but there was no one there. Someone was shaking my feet as if someone was lying on the table, but there was no one there. It’s dangerous next to the speaker. Ghosts like the bass sound.”