ROCK-STAR: Stray Kids achieved excellent results on the French Phonographic Association (SNEP) charts with their mini album

Stray Kids achieved excellent results on the French Phonographic Association (SNEP) charts and once again demonstrated its status as a ‘global trending group’ with “ROCK-STAR”.

Stray Kids ranked 52nd with their 3rd full-length album “5-Star” released in June of last year and 135th with their mini album “ROCK-STAR” released in November, took the top spot, according to the “2023 Top 200 Albums” chart recently announced by the French Record Association on its official website.

This increased its meaning as Stray Kids ranked highest among K-pop artists on the chart and was the K-pop album with the highest sales in France last year.

Stray Kids, who are standing out in the global music market and raising the status of K-pop, are also shining a clear presence as the strongest player on the US Billboard main chart with “ROCK-STAR”. Previously, with the album “ROCK-STAR” and the title song “락 (樂) (LALALALA)”, they succeeded in entering the Billboard main chart “Hot 100” for the first time on November 25th of last year and reached the top of the “Billboard 200”, reaching the top of the “Billboard 200” for the fourth time in a row. A record of first place was established.

Subsequently, “ROCK-STAR” ranked 33rd on the latest chart, “Billboard 200” as of January 13th, and ranked high in that category for 8 consecutive weeks. In addition, “ROCK-STAR” ranked 13th on “Artist 100”, “Top Album Sales” and “Top Current Album Sales”. It is enjoying long-running popularity, ranking in a total of 6 categories, including 2nd place, 1st place in “World Album”, and 15th place in “Tastemaker Album”.

On the 1st, Stray Kids announced through their official channel that they would carry out various projects, including their third world tour, fourth fan meeting, and release of a new and special album this year, raising the expectations of fans around the world.