RIIZE’s Anton responded coolly to netizens’ ridicule

RIIZE’s Anton responded coolly to netizens’ ridicule.

On the 1st, RIIZE‘s Anton presented the “Get A Guitar” challenge video filmed with his father, singer Yoon Sang, through RIIZE’s official account.

The released video shows Yoon Sang performing hand movements such as playing the guitar to “Get A Guitar” with his son, Anton. In particular, Anton appeared in the phrase ‘baby’, causing laughter.

After the video was released, one netizen left a comment saying “NEPO BABY”. NEPO BABY, which comes from the English word ‘Nepotism’, which means nepotism and enlistment of relatives, is a sarcastic expression of a person who enjoys opportunities due to family privileges rather than his or her own capabilities. It is a word that is used in a similar context to a golden spoon, and is meant as a sarcasm that Anton is benefiting from his father Yoon Sang.

Anton responded coolly with a comment saying ‘born this way by lady gaga’. Lady Gaga’s hit song “Born This Way”, which he mentioned in a comment, is a song that contains the message that everyone should live confidently regardless of race, sexual orientation, etc. It is presumed that he wanted to convey a message asking people to look at him with an unbiased perspective through this comment.

In response, netizens cheered, saying, “As Anton said, he was born and his father is Yoon Sang. What should he do?” and “Even if he wasn’t Yoon Sang’s son, Anton would have been able to join SM Entertainment and debut with his good looks and skills. That’s a cool reaction.” .

On the other hand, some responded by saying, “It is true that he received more attention because he is Yoon Sang’s son” and “It is not incorrect given the context.”

Meanwhile, RIIZE debuted in September of last year and is scheduled to appear in a family special on tvN’s entertainment show “Yoo Quiz on the Block” which is scheduled to air in January.


Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter [email protected]