Powerful choices made by BIGBANG and BLACKPINK: Navigating the future paths of YG’s leading groups

BIGBANG and BLACKPINK made different choices.

YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) announced on the 6th that all members of BLACKPINK had renewed their contracts. This was good news as BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract expired last August, and activities continued for the next five months without a renewal.

YG officially announced, “After careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we signed an exclusive contract for the group’s activities based on deep trust.” He also revealed that this contract is a team contract and that he is “discussing” whether it will be an individual contract.

Nevertheless, what is encouraging is that we can continue to meet BLACKPINK within YG. The team color is expected to continue without any major changes, and BLINKs’ expectations are also high in that they can continue to see various domestic and international activities as BLACKPINK.

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As there was a precedent with BIGBANG, there is an atmosphere of admiration for BLACKPINK continuing to work with YG.

Coincidentally, the day before, on the 5th, rumors arose that G-Dragon, who had the longest contract period among BIGBANG members and was highly likely to collaborate and renew his contract, would sign an exclusive contract with another company.

G-Dragon, who had previously been rumored to be moving to Universal Music, was said to be imminent to sign an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation.

Không phải G-Dragon hay Taeyang, đây mới là thành viên solo đầu tiên trong  năm 2017 của Big Bang

In relation to this, Galaxy Corporation declined to comment, saying, “We have no stated position,” neither confirming nor denying the matter.

G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG expired last June.

At the time, YG Entertainment said, “We are cooperating through a separate contract for other activities such as advertising, we plan to negotiate additional contracts when music activities resume.”

Including Seungri who previously withdrew, T.O.P., Daesung, and Taeyang left the agency one after another. Meanwhile, even G-Dragon left YG and continued his journey. As they are in different agencies, it will be more difficult to meet BIGBANG, who captured both popularity and fandom as second-generation idols, in one place.

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