Perfectionist Lee Young-ae faces off with orchestra members on her first day in ‘Maestro’

On her first day as the conductor, actress Lee Young-ae, known for her perfectionism, faces off with orchestra members in ‘Maestro,’ which will be premiered on TVN on the 9th.

In the first episode of ‘Maestro,’ which airs on the 9th, Cha Sae-eum (played by Lee Young-ae) takes a bold step by placing rookie members in key positions.

Cha Sae-eum is a perfectionist who would even point a gun at her members to achieve a flawless performance, and she returns to her home country as a world-renowned maestro after 20 years.

Cha Sae-eum’s first action as the maestro of the third-rate orchestra, The Han River Philharmonic, was to seat rookie violinist Lee Runa (played by Hwang Bo-reum Byeol) in a key position. This leads to a tense confrontation between the members and Cha Sae-eum, even though a veteran conductor is already in place.

In particular, it is revealed that Cha Sae-eum acts unilaterally without consulting the orchestra’s representative, Jeon Sang-do (played by Park Ho-san), and this intensifies the members’ resistance. As Cha Sae-eum faces opposition from the union chairman and even a boycott by the members, curiosity arises about how she will navigate these challenges.

Lee Young-ae returns to the drama scene after two years with ‘Maestro,’ a drama where she plays Cha Sae-eum, a female conductor who is one of only 5% of female conductors in the world and seeks to uncover the truth behind the events surrounding the orchestra while hiding her own secret. This drama has garnered attention as Lee Young-ae’s third drama as a conductor protagonist, following ‘Beethoven Virus’ (2008) and ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ (2014), and the first domestic drama featuring a female conductor in the lead role.

The first episode of ‘Maestro’ will premiere at 9:20 PM KST on the same day.