Park Yoo-chun reportedly broke up with the daughter of a high-ranking Thai public official after a year

Park Yoo-chun reportedly broke up with the daughter of a high-ranking Thai public official after a year.

According to a local Thai official on the 15th, Park Yoo-chun had been dating Ms. A, the daughter of a high-ranking Thai public official and known as a beautiful businesswoman, for more than a year, but they recently broke up.

Ms. A is the daughter of a high-ranking Thai government official and a businesswoman in the cosmetics business. She recently launched her skin care brand and showed her affection for Park Yoo-chun by hiring him as her brand model. When the news of their relationship became known, it was reported that they were continuing to meet on the assumption of marriage.

Park Yoo-chun is currently going through a dispute with her agency. Mr. A is known to be a person who actively supported the conflict at her agency. Among these, Park Yoo-chun’s future activities are attracting attention as it became known through the release of the National Tax Service list that he owed 409 million won in taxes.

In particular, when Park Yoo-chun was accused of using Philopon in 2019, he denied it and mentioned his retirement. However, he overturned it and returned after a year, and since then he has been holding fan meetings and concerts in Thailand rather than in Korea.

The dispute with his agency continues. Upon his return, Park Yoo-chun joined forces with his long-time manager to create his own agency, but in 2021, controversy over dual contracts led to a lawsuit between both sides. At the time, he sued his manager B for business embezzlement, but the police closed the investigation by not forwarding the case (no charges were filed), and Mr. B said that he violated the contract and signed a double contract with a Japanese agency worth 600 million won. filed a lawsuit claiming damages.

It was reported last month that he was going through a dispute with his agency. His younger brother, Park Yoo-hwan, posted on social media on the 1st, “Park Yoo-chun’s notice” and revealed his handwritten letter in English. In his letter, he said, “First of all, I’m sorry to everyone for delivering the news late. He is not ignoring the ongoing demands. But she has continued to investigate and plans to take legal action.”