Park Shin-woo joins the ranks of the “sold-out men”

Park Shin-woo joins the ranks of the “sold-out men.”

Park Shin-woo’s agency, Star IT Entertainment, announced on the 13th, “Actor Park Shin-woo will tie the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend, a beautiful woman, on March 30th at a venue in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.”

They further expressed gratitude to everyone who has loved and supported him, stating, “We sincerely thank everyone who loves and supports actor Park Shin-woo, and we hope you warmly bless his future as he embarks on a new journey.”

They added, “We ask for your continued support and interest in Park Shin-woo, who will repay the love and attention you have given him with good works and acting.”

Him and his girlfriend, who is six years younger and whom he met through a mutual acquaintance, will be tying the knot after eight years of dating. After eight years of courtship, they have become the most special beings to each other and have promised to become one for a lifetime on their eighth spring together.

He is known for his notable roles in films like “Someone Behind You”, and “Detour” as well as television dramas including “Suits”, “Brilliant Heritage”, “The Love in Your Eyes”, “Hyena”, “Why Her?’, and ‘Kokdu: Season of Deity’, is currently captivating audiences on KBS2’s “The Two Sisters”.