Park Ji-yoon confessed to having a skin disorder

Park Ji-yoon confessed to having a skin disorder.

On the 23rd, Park Ji-yoon said, “Confession about my skin from the morning. I am a dermatologist. “It happened right after Ian was born, and it itches like crazy, so when I scratch it, it leaves a clear mark like a cat scratched me, so it’s called mysticism,” he said.

She continued, “Actually, if you take antihistamines every day, there is no problem. However, as you live, there are days when you miss the medicine, and there are days when it itches like crazy that you can’t control, perhaps due to biorhythm, the environment, or the food you ate(?). “At times like that, there’s nothing you can do other than scratch it until it bleeds.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji-yoon married KBS announcer classmate Park Ji-yoon in 2009 after four years of dating, and had a daughter, Choi Da-in, in 2010, and a son, Choi Ian, in 2014. Afterwards, the two announced their divorce in October last year, after 14 years of marriage.