Park Eun-hye has revealed her newly acquired qualification

Park Eun-hye has revealed her newly acquired qualification.

On the 27th, Park Eun-hye shared, “Finally got my Korean language teaching certificate. I missed the deadline last time I applied, so this time I made sure to apply as soon as the date came around. It was really tough over the past two years~ My eyesight even got worse from studying.”

She continued, “But I wonder if the day will come when I can actually teach… Someday, I must try it, become a Korean language teacher.”

Recently, Park Eun-hye appeared on ‘Close Friends Documentary – A Table for Four’ and revealed, “Since December last year, my twin sons have been studying abroad.” She added, “Even before, the kids used to go to their dad’s place once every two weeks and stay overnight. So it still feels like that. It feels like visiting Dad’s place briefly or going on a trip with Dad.”

She further explained, “I feel like my relationship with my husband improved after the divorce,” and said, “My husband accompanied the kids on their study abroad journey for two years to help them with their English acquisition.”

Park Eun-hye, who debuted in 1998 and was known as the “Queen of Historical Dramas in Korea,” married a businessman four years her senior in 2008. She gave birth to twin sons in 2011 and unfortunately announced her divorce in 2018.

At that time, Park Eun-hye’s side stated, “After much deliberation over differences in values with her husband, they decided to go their separate ways.”