NCT WISH will begin targeting Korea and Japan simultaneously from its debut

NCT WISH will begin targeting Korea and Japan simultaneously from its debut.

NCT WISH performed its debut stage at “SMTOWN LIVE 2024 SMCU PALACE @TOKYO” on February 21st and then released its debut single “WISH” on February 28th on various global music platforms. They plan to release it simultaneously and begin full-scale activities.

In particular, NCT WISH is a team created based in Japan to match NCT’s regional connection characteristics, but has differentiated characteristics from existing localization groups. Targeting the Korean and Japanese markets simultaneously. If the existing strategy was to debut locally and then advance into the global market based on the performance, NCT WISH, like any other K-pop group, adopts a two-track strategy of targeting Korea and Japan simultaneously through a global debut.

Accordingly, NCT WISH plans to release its debut single “WISH” in two versions, Korean and Japanese, as well as appear on various broadcasts in Korea and Japan, and is preparing to frequently provide opportunities to meet fans closely in both countries. It is expected to achieve success in both the Korean and Japanese music markets simultaneously, suggesting a new direction for localization strategy, and becoming an effective success model.

In addition, as NCT’s slogan is “To The World”, NCT WISH also plans to expand its activities to the global market after solidifying its position in Korea and Japan, so attention is focused on their activities.

In addition, they were selected as one of the “11 Rookie K-Pop Acts To Know In 2024” announced by on the 26th on its official website, and “With NCT WISH’s debut imminent, they released their pre-debut singles ‘Hands Up’ and ‘We Go!’ at the end of last year, spreading dynamic and bright energy around the world.”

NCT WISH is a team with the aspiration to support and achieve everyone’s wishes and dreams through music and love under the catchphrase “WISH for OUR WISH”. They are are raising expectations for their bright future.