NCT Dream is making a comeback

NCT Dream is making a comeback.

According to the results of an investigation by Maeil Business Star Today on the 21st, NCT Dream has confirmed their comeback on March 25th. There is a high possibility that the album will be a mini-album. The promotional period is expected to be about two weeks, and they are expected to present healing songs to their fans.

With this, NCT Dream is making a comeback about eight months after their 3rd regular album “ISTJ,” released in July last year. After showing various musical aspects with the 10 tracks included in “ISTJ,” NCT Dream is returning to their fans once again in the first half of this year with attractive songs.

NCT Dream achieved a first-week sales record of 3.65 million copies when they released “ISTJ,” setting the highest record among SM Entertainment artists. As the sales of all three regular albums released so far have exceeded 3 million copies, fans’ interest and affection for their music are hot.

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They were recognized for their musicality by winning top awards in various music award ceremonies such as ”Record of the Year” (Melon Music Awards), ”Album Division Grand Prize” (Golden Disc Awards), ”Daesang” (Seoul Music Awards), ”Artist of the Year / Digital Album of the Year” (Circle Chart Music Awards), and ”Best Artist” (Hanteo Music Awards) last year. They also proved their global popularity by participating in the major U.S. music festival ”Jingle Ball Tour” in December last year.

Expectations are high for what kind of musical impact their will make through this new album. They are a 7-member unit group of the NCT and debuted in August 2016. They are gearing up for their third world tour, “2024 NCT Dream World Tour – The Dream Show 3,” scheduled for May.