MOREVISION, a music label led by Jay Park, and singer Jessi are taking steps to terminate their exclusive contract.

MOREVISION, a music label led by Jay Park, and singer Jessi are taking steps to terminate their exclusive contract.

According to coverage on the 6th, MOREVISION recently informed Jessi of its intention to terminate the exclusive contract, and both sides are discussing this. She announced that she had signed an exclusive contract with MOREVISION in April after her exclusive contract with P-Nation, led by Psy, expired in July of last year. However, even though there was still a lot of time left, they suddenly began to end their relationship just 7 months after signing the exclusive contract.

However, there are still differences of opinion between MOREVISION and Jessi, so no agreement has been reached. The key is how to narrow the gap, but it has been confirmed that the likelihood of the two sides recovering their relationship and continuing their contractual relationship is very low.

Jessi released her new song “Gum” on October 25th, half a year after joining MOREVISION, and began her activities. However, Jessi, who was scheduled to appear on KBS2’s “Music Bank” on October 27, suddenly canceled her appearance on the music show, causing controversy.

At the time, MOREVISION said, “We would like to inform you that she will not be appearing due to the artist’s sudden health condition.”

Afterwards, she did not appear on MBC’s “Show Music Core” or SBS’s “Inkigayo” due to poor health. This aroused curiosity as it contrasted with the fact that they had been active on music broadcast stages as well as on music broadcast stages when they released their albums.

An industry insider said, “Jessi and MOREVISION had a conflict over her new song promotions at the time, and the conflict continued afterwards. I understand that MOREVISION ultimately decided that it would be better for Jessi and MOREVISION to go their separate ways.”

On October 31, she appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jeong’s Power Time” and said, “Actually, after I left the company (P Nation), I did it alone, but I learned a lot and was betrayed by people. I haven’t rested once in 4 years. I was so hurt and tired because I kept running and was stressed and people betrayed me.”

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Then, since the end of November, Jessi has been posting several photos one after another on her SNS, saying that she is on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. On the 1st, she also released several photos with the caption “Photodumps from Bali, Rest, rejuvenate, reset, restart”.

Jessie debuted under the stage name Jessica Ho in 2005 and joined the hip-hop group Uptown as a guest member in 2006. Since 2019, she has been a member of P-Nation, and scored a mega hit with “Nunu Nana” in 2020. She also played an active part in the Refund Sisters, which was formed through the entertainment show “Hangout with Yoo.”