“Love wins all”: IU attracted a lot of attention by acting as a couple with BTS’ V

IU attracted a lot of attention by acting as a couple in “Love wins all” music video with BTS’ V.

At midnight on the 24th, the music video for IU‘s pre-released song “Love wins all” was released.

In the video, IU was wearing a wedding dress and BTS‘ V, who appeared as her male lead, was wearing a tuxedo. The two people took a so-called ‘wedding cut’ and aroused admiration.

In ‘Wedding Four Cuts’, V wrapped his hand around IU’s shoulder and IU placed her hand on V’s chin. The two people touched each other’s cheeks and stood close together, showing off a sweet couple act and making many people excited.

In September of last year, IU revealed her closeness with V in the web entertainment show ‘IU’s Palette’, saying that she and V are comfortable speaking informally. She explained that they became close by talking about music with each other, and it appears that the two are continuing their friendship as female friends and male friends.

“Love wins all” is a ballad song with a definite momentum, from a minimal and vintage piano intro to a maximal outro. With the addition of IU’s mature and pretty voice, you can feel her warmth.

V is not the first time IU’s boyfriend has appeared in IU’s music video.

Previously, actor Lee Hyun-woo also appeared in the music video for IU’s 2nd studio album title song “YOU&I” (2011). IU and Lee Hyun-woo, born in 1993, are of the same age and have worked together several times, including as MCs on SBS’s “Inkigayo”, as advertising models, and in the movie “Dream”.

In the music video for “YOU&I”, Lee Hyun-woo played a love role with IU, who travels through time by creating a time machine without leaving his side. At that time, the two people entertained many people by naturally expressing the fresh emotional acting of a boy and a girl and exuding a unique charm.


After being discharged from the military, Lee Hyun-woo also appeared in the song “above the time” (2019) from IU’s 5th mini album. This song contains the content of the story after ‘YOU&I’. In fact, in the music video, familiar props such as ‘clock’, ‘feather’, and ‘train’, which were the medium of “YOU&I”, appeared, giving a glimpse of the same worldview.

In “above the time”, Lee Hyun-woo and IU portrayed a fairytale-like love that transcends time and space. They met each other in a room decorated with colorful flowers, danced and communicated, and looked at each other with sweet eyes, sending a message that they eventually met each other over time, giving a touching feeling.

Kim Soo-hyun is also known as IU’s best friend. Kim Soo-hyun appeared as the male lead in IU’s song “Ending Scene”.

As IU shows off her friendship by working together with her male friend, some are hoping that their friendship will last for a long time.

Meanwhile, IU’s mini album, which will be released in March following “Love wins all”, will contain a total of 5 songs. Expectations are already rising for the love story that IU, who is in her 30s and has become more mature and emotionally rich, will portray.

In this new song, IU said, “I want to respect and support everyone who lives in various ways with love rather than hate.”