Love blossoms again: New ‘real couple’ emerges in “I am solo” 17th season!

In the 17th season of “I am Solo,” there was initially just one couple, Sang-chul ♥ Hyun-sook. However, there are now whispers of a new ‘real couple’ (Hyunko) forming, and it’s causing quite a buzz.

This speculation arose after someone claimed to have witnessed a date between Ok-soon from the 17th season and Yeong-sik from the 6th season. A netizen, A, posted on an online community, saying, “I saw Ok-soon and Yeong-sik from the 17th season, along with Yeong-ja and Jeong-suk from the 6th season.”

A further noted, “I checked Ok-soon and Yeong-sik’s Instagram accounts, and although Ok-soon’s account is private, I found Yeong-ja from the 6th season’s Instagram story, which confirmed that they were together. It wasn’t just a resemblance; it was them for real.”

Continuing, A added, “Ok-soon and Yeong-sik were walking side by side. Ok-soon was genuinely beautiful, even without makeup. She was indeed the one from the 17th season, not someone similar.”

6th season’s Yeong-ja shared a photo from their meal outing on her Instagram story with the caption, “I was delighted to see my older sisters and brothers.”

Netizens expressed their hopes for this new romance, saying, “It didn’t happen in ‘I’m Solo,’ but I hope it works out now,” “They match as well as Sang-chul and Hyun-sook,” “May they have a beautiful love,” and “Let’s root for Ok-yeong!”

In the 17th season, Yeong-sik initially pursued Sun-ja, but Sun-ja showed more interest in Kwang-su. On the other hand, Ok-soon displayed her interest in Yeong-sik, but their relationship didn’t progress, and both eventually gave up on their respective choices.

During an official live broadcast after the 17th season, Yeong-sik confessed, “I really wanted to get to know Ok-soon better. I think there was a misunderstanding.” He continued, “I felt like I was leaning in one direction without even realizing it. Since the female participants didn’t get the chance to choose, I felt like I was on a deserted island by myself.” He hinted at being open to giving it another shot if the opportunity arose.