Legendary singer Patty Kim is the secret weapon hidden by IU

IU hid a secret weapon. Its identity was none other than the legendary singer Patty Kim.

On the 20th, at 6 p.m. (KST), IU released her new mini-album ”The Winning” through various music sites and began full-fledged promotional activities. The track ”Shh..” on this album, featuring NEWJEANS Hyein and Jo Won-seon, gained attention for their participation. However, there was an even bigger hidden card, and its protagonist was none other than Patty Kim.

”Shh..;’ features IU, Hyein, and Jo Won-seon taking charge of the melody, each showcasing their vocals captivatingly. As the diverse vocals continue, a husky voice unfolds the narration towards the end of the song.

The narration, “Here’s an old story. Everyone knows it, but also doesn’t know it. Its name is Shh..,” decorates the end of the song, leaving a deep impression.

Originally, IU had garnered attention for NEWJEANS Hyein and Jo Won-seon’s featuring in this song, as well as Tang Wei’s participation in the music video. However, Patty Kim’s narration participation was kept strictly secret. Many music fans, upon hearing the clear indication of Patty Kim’s appearance in the final section of the song, cheered for the richness and charm in the music, surpassing their expectations.

As of 7 a.m. on the 21st, according to Melon’s ”Top 100” chart, one of IU’s double title tracks from this album, ”love wins all,” reached the top spot. Following that, another title track ”Shopper” ranked 11th, ”Holssi” 17th, ”Shh..” 30th, and ”I Stan You” 50th, with all the tracks from the new album making it into the top 50 of the chart. ‘Top 100’ is a major Melon chart reflecting the usage volume over the past 24 hours and the usage volume within the recent hour.

Listen to IU’s ”Shhh…” teaser here!