Lee Sol-i revealed that she has started orthodontic treatment

Lee Sol-i revealed that she has started orthodontic treatment.

On the 20th, Lee Sol-i expressed, “Finally, my orthodontic appliance is out today. Yay!” She smiled confidently even during the orthodontic treatment.

She explained, “I thought it would feel uncomfortable, but it’s not too bad. The appliance I use needs to be changed every 10 days, and I’ll go through 12 changes.” She added, “I have to wear it continuously except when eating. Since it’s about four months long, I guess I’ll get used to it and not take it off.”

Furthermore, she expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I’m wearing it in all the photos, but it’s hardly visible because the device is transparent and placed on the lower teeth. Exactly what I wanted. It’s a whole new world as someone experiencing orthodontic treatment for the first time.”

Lee Sol-i shared, “At first, I didn’t feel any discomfort, so I thought, ‘Oh? Is it really comfortable?’ But they told me, ‘You might feel a bit of pain after four hours.’ It’s been four hours, and I’m still fine. I’ll wear it diligently and return as a neat person.”

Lee Sol-i married comedian Park Sung-kwang in 2020.