Lee Jin-wook talks about his life and experience working in “Sweet Home 2”

Lee Jin-wook talks about his life and experience working in “Sweet Home 2”.

Lee Jin-wook‘s 20-year acting career was not all smooth. Because he was a celebrity, he was falsely accused. However, Lee Jin-wook has become stronger after overcoming this controversy. He, who has been showing off his strong presence in Netflix’s “Doona!” and “Sweet Home 2”, looked back on his time saying, “I survived well.”

“Sweet Home 2”, which was released on the 1st, is a world where desire becomes a monster, Hyun-soo (played by Song Kang) and the survivors of Green Home, who leave Green Home and fight each other to survive in a new home, and the lives of another being. A work that depicts new desires, events, and struggles, including the emergence and unknown mysterious phenomena.

Lee Jin-wook played Pyeon Sang-wook, a special infected person who lost his humanity, and everything changed when Jeong Jeong-myeong, who thinks monsters are superior to humans, entered his body.

When asked about his thoughts after seeing the work, Lee Jin-wook laughed and said, “I enjoyed it. The only thing I regret is that I wish my character would appear more often.” Regarding the amount of content in Season 3, he said, “It will be more than Season 2.”

At the end of Season 2, Pyeon Sang-wook received a twist as he was set up as Jung Eui-myeong and the husband of Seo Yi-kyung (played by Lee Si-young).

Lee Jin-wook said, “When I received the script, I thought it was a shocking story, so I thought the story would go like this. Pyeon Sang-wook died and Jung Eui-myeong came in, and it was shocking to learn that Jung Eui-myeong was Seo Yi-kyung’s husband.”

He added, “Pyeon Sang-wook is also the MH, and in a very “It’s complicated. But when you act, complicated settings are easy to approach. It’s bound to be vague, but when you’re given a complex setting, the direction is set. Then you just have to find a way.”

Why is Jeong Eui-myeong, who has the face of Pyeon Sang-wook in the play, so obsessed with Hyun-soo?

Lee Jin-wook said, “Because Hyun-soo’s abilities are so outstanding, I thought he was the number one person to recruit to create a world of monsters. As the story goes, friendship is also love, and although there is no sexual attraction, friendship between men is similar to love. I think it is. I think there is a slight difference. To Jeong Eui-myeong, Hyun-soo is complete love. I think of him, miss him, and want to be with him.”


Lee Jin-wook, who completed impactful appearances and ending scenes from “Doona!” to “Sweet Home 2”.

When asked about his secret, he joked, “I’m not a scene-stealer or an actor who shows explosive acting skills. I’m not the type of person who worries about making an impact. Rather, I like brief scenes, so I wonder if I’ll like them if I appear briefly.”

He said, “I’ve heard that kind of story. It’s hard to fit into an ordinary role. It’s said that if you put it in a play, you’ll look like you have something. So I think it’s effective to appear briefly. I think I appear in the impact part of the story. Who can take on that role? “I think it must have had an impact. I’m thankful that they gave me a character that made me feel good at the point.”

Lee Jin-wook also attracted attention by exposing his naked behind in “Sweet Home 2”.

When asked if it was difficult, Lee Jin-wook said, “I’m used to using my body on set. The nudity scene didn’t focus on nudity. I thought about how I could express that scene, and I thought nudity was the right way to express the raw feeling. Exposure. “It’s not that there wasn’t any pressure, but there weren’t any difficult parts.”

He continued, “I felt catharsis and pleasure because stabbing people naked and getting blood splattered was something I couldn’t experience in real life. It was a good catalyst for me to focus much more on the character.”

He added, “I filmed it safer than I thought. It was easy to crawl around. The staff even swept the floor to prevent anyone from getting hurt.”

Lee Jin-wook said that he paid a lot of attention to his facial expressions to play different characters with the same face.

He said, “As I get older, the corners of my eyes gradually go down and my impression becomes nicer. Before filming ‘Sweet Home 2,’ I heard that Hollywood actors pull the hair behind their ears and cover it with their top hair to raise the corners of their eyes. Also, during photo shoots, they use transparent hair. I heard that they often put tape on their ears and pull them to put in sprains. So after consulting with the director, I raised the corners of my eyes with transparent tape and filmed them. The difficult part was that I got a headache while doing it. Still, I was satisfied with the resulting face.”

Song Kang, Go Min-si, Go Youn-jung, and Lee Do-hyun, who worked together in “Sweet Home”, have grown from rookie actors to full-fledged stars in three years.

Lee Jin-wook said, “I’m so surprised that everything is going well. I’m not the type to approach people, so I’m happy with my heart from afar.”

He added, “I can see him growing. At first, he was like a chick and didn’t know anything about the field, but now it’s amazing to see that he has something of his own. “I told Song Kang that his life would change overnight and that he should prepare well for that, and that’s exactly what happened.”


When singer G-Dragon was on drug charges, Lee Jin-wook also indirectly supported him by liking the post he posted on social media saying, “I will return home in private.”

Above all, Lee Jin-wook is also a person who was suddenly summoned when Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon appeared at the police station due to a recent drug issue. Lee Jin-wook was accused of sexual assault in 2016, but he smiled confidently in front of reporters as he entered the police station and pleaded not guilty. In fact, Lee Jin-wook was released without charge.

Regarding the reason for liking G-Dragon’s post, Lee Jin-wook briefly replied, “I personally support him,” and “I am personally close to him, and it is a personal support.”

G-Dragon, who has continued to claim innocence, is scheduled to be sent back without charges.

Jinwook Lee has already celebrated his 20th debut anniversary. Looking back on 20 years, he said, “I think I survived well. I’m honored and proud,” and added, “During the interview for Season 1 of ‘Sweet Home,’ a reporter told me that he impressed me with his good acting after a long career as an actor, and those words brought me to tears. I cried. “It was hard to hold back from growing up.”

“I thought I had lived a good life so far. I think that’s enough. I’m comfortable with the public’s gaze, but I want to show only a good side to my juniors. Whether that’s in terms of acting or from the perspective of a senior in the industry.”