Kim Tae-hee and Rain couple showed off their good-looking visuals

Kim Tae-hee and Rain couple showed off their good-looking visuals.

On the 20th, a famous makeup artist drew attention from fans by sharing a review of filming with Kim Tae-hee and Rain, saying, “The filming set staff were so envious of the two of them filming together… The filming set with these two cool and pretty stars is always friendly.”

They captured attention by showing off their beautiful appearance even in a direct photo with little editing. Kim Tae-hee proved the dignity of ‘Tappe’ with the features that filled her small face. Kim Tae-hee’s consistently beautiful beauty arouses admiration.

Rain also boasted a handsome visual and showed off his strong presence. Her appearance, especially when she looks more dependable next to her wife Kim Tae-hee, attracts attention.

The makeup artist said about the couple, “The atmosphere is the best. A lovely couple. A match made in heaven. A handsome man and a beautiful woman.”

Meanwhile, actress Kim Tae-hee and singer-actor Rain got married in 2017 and have two daughters.