Kim Jae-hwan announced full-fledged activities for “Ponytail” through a comeback countdown live broadcast

Kim Jae-hwan announced full-fledged activities for “Ponytail” through a comeback countdown live broadcast.

On the 24th, Kim Jae-hwan held a countdown live for his comeback to coincide with the release of his new single “Ponytail”.

On this day, Kim Jae-hwan shared various stories with Win:D (official fandom name). Kim Jae-hwan began the talk in earnest by saying his greetings, “I’m so excited that the album I worked so hard to create will be released soon. Please look forward to the ponytail that contains Kim Jae-hwan’s unique identity.”

Kim Jae-hwan actively communicates with fans through his comments, and he also attempted to connect with Park Woo-jin of AB6IX by phone.

Park Woo-jin, who answered the phone, said, “I listened to the song in advance and I really liked it. After hearing it for 2 seconds, I thought an overseas artist had come to Korea.”

He added, “I was surprised when I heard the rap part. The tone is better than I expected and he’s really good at it,” and gave support to Kim Jae-hwan.

Kim Jae-hwan then conducted a music video reaction corner. Kim Jae-hwan seriously watched the music video and showed that he could not contain his excitement, saying, “I want to sing along to the song.”

He also said, “The quality is so good. It’s a new side of Kim Jae-hwan that has never been seen before,” raising fans’ expectations.

Kim Jae-hwan introduced an album that resembles a comprehensive gift set through the unboxing of “Ponytail”. In particular, Kim Jae-hwan gave fans a gift-like time by revealing the behind-the-scenes of jacket filming and recording with comfortable progress, high excitement, and enjoyable reactions.

Lastly, Kim Jae-hwan concluded the live performance by conveying his thoughts, saying, “I hope you enjoy this song as it is a song that we worked hard to create. Please love it a lot. As we prepared it with great ambition, please look forward to the tone and stage that only Kim Jae-hwan can produce.”

“Ponytail” is a funk pop genre dance song that harmonizes funky brass sounds and groovy rhythms.

Kim Jae-hwan will perform his new song on various music broadcasts. He will also appear as a judge on Mnet’s “Build Up”, which will be aired for the first time on the 26th, and meet the public.