Kang Ho-dong has been appointed as a director of SM C&C

Kang Ho-dong has been appointed as a director of SM C&C.

SM Culture & Contents Co., Ltd. (SM C&C) appointed artist Kang Ho-dong as a director during the management committee meeting held this month. SM C&C is a leading cultural content company in Korea that creates enjoyable content for daily life based on the abundant global network of SM Entertainment, a global comprehensive entertainment group.

SM C&C engages in comprehensive advertising and marketing promotion businesses, MC and actor management, global video content planning and production businesses, and comprehensive travel management businesses specializing in B2B corporate trips/events, and it is creating a differentiated cultural content business portfolio by combining various fields.

Having debuted in the entertainment industry in 1993 and continuing to receive love from the public as a national MC while participating in various programs over the past 30 years, Kang Ho-dong, who has been growing with the company since 2012, will actively promote the company’s vision and values internally and externally through this director appointment.

Nam Gung-chul, the CEO of SM C&C, expressed his position on the appointment, saying, “Kang Ho-dong is not only a representative entertainer of Korea but also an artist representing SM C&C. I believe that he will be able to create good synergy in various industries such as advertising, content, and travel with his expertise and capabilities accumulated through various broadcasting and entertainment activities.”