Ju Ji-hoon to star in “Love on a Single Tree Bridge”

Actor Ju Ji-hoon is expected to meet viewers with a romantic performance for the first time in a long time in “Love on a Single Tree Bridge” .

According to broadcasters, Ju Ji-hoon is considering appearing as the male lead in tvN’s new drama “Love on a Single Tree Bridge” (written by Lim Ye-jin, directed by Park Joon-hwa/produced by Studio Dragon and Blitzway Studio).

“Love on a Single Tree Bridge” is a reunion romance that unfolds when a man and a woman who were passionately in love during their school days but had to break up painfully due to family enmity and a twist of fate meet after 15 years. Expectations are high as writer Lim Ye-jin, who wrote “Love in the Moonlight” and “Tale of Nokdu”, and producer Park Joon-hwa, who directed “Because This is My First Life”, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, are working together.

Ju Ji-hoon was offered to appear in the play as Seok Ji-won, the executive director of Seokdong Construction. In the summer of eighteen, he fell in love with his classmate Yoon Ji-won, but they broke up due to a terrible misunderstanding. As time passed, he was reunited with Ji-won when he was appointed as the chairman of Dokmok High School.

In particular, when Ju Ji-hoon appeared on YTN’s “The News” last year, he expressed his desire to act in a romantic drama, saying that he had not done a romance since his debut work, MBC’s “Princess Hours” (2006). With this work, he will appear in a romantic drama for the first time in 18 years.