Jo In-seong could not hide his smile when he heard Kim Hye-soo’s phone call in “Unexpected Business 3”.

Jo In-seong could not hide his smile when he heard Kim Hye-soo’s phone call in “Unexpected Business 3”.

In the 10th episode of tvN’s entertainment program “Unexpected Business 3”, which aired on the 28th, Jo In-seong and Cha Tae-hyun were shown on their 5th day of operation in the ‘Asia Market’.

On this day, the market introduced new menu items, sikhye and kongguksu. Yoon Kyung-ho and Park Byeong-eun took the secret recipe for sikhye that they learned from Yeom Jeong-ah and traveled to LA to airlift the ingredients. And they started making sikhye in the morning.

The taste of sikhye, which took several hours to complete, was successful. Cha Tae-hyun and Im Joo-hwan, who tasted the sikhye, said, “It’s so delicious,” and predicted it would be a big hit even before it was sold. He also recommended tasting to the guests, and even the guests were very satisfied.

In response, Yoon Kyung-ho excitedly called Yeom Jeong-ah, who passed on her secret.

When she heard about Yeom Jeong-ha’s positive response, she said, “I’m so glad.” At the same time, she said, “Hye-soo is with her,” and Kim Hye-soo made a surprise appearance as a voice.

When Yoon Kyung-ho caught the unexpected phone call with Kim Hye-soo, he quickly handed the phone over to Jo In-seong. When Jo In-seong heard that the person on the phone was Kim Hye-soo, her eyes widened as she handed it over, and Kim Hye-soo expressed her affection by saying, “I love you, honey~”.

Jo In-seong also showed cuteness by saying, “I love you too,” while Kim Hye-soo joked, “You’re lying!” and instantly raised Jo In-seong’s tension with just her voice, drawing attention.

The response to the bean noodles was also good. Everyone was curious about the kongguksu menu, which is not easily available at the marina.

Customers who tasted it by adding sugar and salt to their taste praised it, saying, “The bean noodles are delicious.”

Kim Ah-joong also tasted Im Ju-hwan’s bean noodles for the first time during dinner with her family after business closed. Kim Ah-joong was amazed as she couldn’t stop using her chopsticks.

Cha Tae-hyun, who saw this, teased him by saying, “You said you only tasted it, but you ate the whole bowl,” and Park Byeong-eun also laughed by saying, “Is it always like this?”

At the end of the broadcast, Kim Ah-joong was also shown preparing a new menu. Kim Ah-joong, who did everything herself from the procurement of ingredients to preparation, raised curiosity about what the new menu will be and how customers will react.