JD1 has completed a successful debut with “who Am I”.

‘AI new solo idol’ JD1 has completed a successful debut with “who Am I”.

JD1 released his first digital single “who Am I” on the 11th and appeared on Mnet’s “M Countdown” to perform his first debut stage.

On this day, JD1 attracted attention with its bright blonde idol visuals and trendy fashion. With his strong charisma and skillful stage manners, he presented a stage so spectacular that it was hard to believe it was his debut stage.

In particular, he attracted attention with an impressive performance, perfectly performing dynamic and energetic choreography. Addictive melody and lyrics were added to complete the successful debut stage.

“who Am I” is his debut single, and hitmaker Ryan Jeon participated in producing it to improve its perfection. It is a pop dance genre song that contains the confusion experienced by JD1, who is ignorant of the world, and his search for his own identity. In addition, it ambiguously expressed the feelings of adults and teenagers who are in the process of asking questions about themselves and finding the right answers.

JD1 is an independent persona created by its creator, singer Jeong Dong-won, to challenge various genres rather than being limited to the trot genre. As an idol planned with the goal of challenging the K-POP market, it was created by putting effort into production in various directions, including song, choreography, and styling, over a period of about two years.

Attention is being paid to how JD1, who entered the idol market with a spectacular debut, will continue their activities in the future.