Jang Nara, 42, looks believable in her 20s… still sporting vampire beauty

Singer and actress Jang Nara has once again showcased her timeless beauty, making it hard to believe she’s in her forties.

On the 8th, Jang Nara posted a video with the caption, “Finally!! It’s the last day of filming,” while greeting fans against the backdrop of the beach. In the video, she is seen with short hair, wearing a knit sweater, and happily smiling at the camera. She even spreads her arms and jumps with excitement, displaying her youthful spirit.

What’s particularly impressive is that Jang Nara, at the age of 42, maintains a stunningly youthful appearance that is hard to believe. Netizens who saw her video expressed their admiration, with comments like, “She’s so beautiful that she could debut as an idol,” “She looks even more beautiful after getting married,” “Seems to be getting younger,” and “Wow, I thought she was an influencer in her twenties.”

Meanwhile, Jang Nara is set to appear in the upcoming TV Chosun weekend mini-series ‘My Happy End,’ which will premiere on the 30th. She will be reuniting with actor Son Ho-jun after six years, playing a married couple in the drama.