“I Was Fooled”starring actress and singer IU and Park Bo-gum is set to captivate audiences through Netflix

“I Was Fooled” starring actress and singer IU and Park Bo-gum will be released in over 190 countries around the world through Netflix.

“I Was Fooled”, which began filming last year, attracted attention from the start due to the meeting between IU and Park Bo-gum, producer Kim Won-seok of the dramas ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, “Signal”, and “My Mister”, and writer Lim Sang-chun of “When the Camellia Blooms”.

“I Was Fooled” is a work that unfolds the adventure-filled lives of Ae-suni, a desperate rebel born in Jeju, and Gwan-sik, a strong-armed brat. It is a Jeju Island dialect meaning ‘Thank you for your hard work.’

IU, who played an active role in the dramas “My Mister”, “Hotel Del Luna”, and the movies “Broker” and “Dream”, is working with producer Kim Won-seok for the second time following “My Mister”. Ae-sun, played by IU, is a desperate rebel who was born and raised in Jeju and fights against her given fate.

Park Bo-gum, who is continuing his new career such as the drama “Record of Youth”, the movie “Seobok”, and the musical “Let Me Fly”, plays the role of a strong, iron-like Gwan-sik who expresses himself through actions rather than words. Using his sincerity as a weapon, he has been loyal to Ae-sun since he was young, and has remained silent and single-minded.

In addition, Moon So-ri, who is trustworthy just by name, such as the movie “Three Sisters”, the drama “Queenmaker”, and “Race”, and the drama “My Mister”, “The World of the Married”, and the movie “Spring in Seoul”, have outstanding performances and a distinct presence. Park Hae-joon plays the now-adult Ae-soon and Gwan-sik, respectively.

“I Was Fooled” is directed by PD Kim Won-seok, who drew sympathy from many people by delicately depicting the situations and emotions of characters in dramas such as “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, “Signal”, and “My Mister”, and dramas “Becky’s Back”. Writer Im Sang-chun, who has been greatly loved for his unique human-smelling stories such as “Fight for My Way” and “When the Camellia Blooms”, has come together to add credibility.