Hyun Bin lies on the gym floor to take birthday photos for Lee Jung-jae at 44

Actor Hyun Bin willingly lay on the gym floor, despite being over 44 years old, to take birthday photos for his “hyung-nim” Lee Jung-jae.

It was all for celebrating Lee Jung-jae’s 51st birthday.

On the 15th of last month, Lee Jung-jae posted a photo on his SNS with the caption “a passionate photographer,” showing him receiving birthday wishes from friends.

In the photo, Lee Jung-jae is seen being congratulated by friends for his 51st birthday. The person taking this photo is also captured in the frame, lying on the floor to create the perfect angle.

The identity of the photographer in the photo was none other than actor Hyun Bin. At the age of 44, Hyun Bin dedicated his body and passion to celebrate his “hyung-nim’s” birthday.

Hyun Bin and Lee Jung-jae are known to work out at the same gym.

Wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts, Hyun Bin, the epitome of a “nature guy,” seemed to be pleased with the result, as he also shared it on his own SNS.

He added a caption, saying, “Happy birthday to the member,” and burst into laughter.

Hyun Bin and Lee Jung-jae worked together in the Netflix original series “Squid Game.” To be precise, Lee Jung-jae slapped Hyun Bin multiple times in the series.

Now, they are set to reunite once more in “Squid Game 2.”