Hyper Knife: Actress Park Eun-bin has chosen her next drama immediately

Actress Park Eun-bin to star in “Hyper Knife”.

As a result of Star News’ exclusive coverage on the 6th, it was confirmed that Park Eun-bin will appear in her new drama “Hyper Knife”.

“Hyper Knife” is a medical crime thriller that tells the story of the main character, a doctor and murderer, reuniting with the teacher who sent him into the abyss. “Hyper Knife” is written by Writer Kim Seon-hee of Naver’s series webtoon “Bangjeongsa” and OCN’s “Quiz of God” and is produced by Dongpung Co., Ltd. and Vlad Studio.

In the play, Park Eun-bin plays the role of Jeong Se-ok, who is a genius who enters medical school at the age of 17 but is stripped of her medical license due to an incident on charges of attempted murder against her teacher, Professor Choi Deok-hee. In short, Jeong Se-ok is a genius who is crazy about the human brain, a psychopath who considers human life to be less important than an insect, a doctor who saves people, and a murderer who kills people.

Sol Kyeong-gu is currently being considered for the role of Choi Deok-hee.

Currently, Park Eun-bin is a guaranteed box office hit. Starting with SBS’ “Hot Stove League” in 2019, SBS’ “Do you like Brahms?”, KBS 2TV’s “The King’s Affection”, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, and tvN’s “Castaway Diva” have all achieved success at the box office.

In particular, she perfectly established herself as a ‘trustworthy actress’ by winning the grand prize at the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards” in April this year and the Prime Minister’s Citation at the “14th Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards” in October.

Therefore, it is natural for her to have expectations for “Hyper Knife”, which Park Eun-bin has decided as her next film, and the fact that it is her first attempt at a medical drama after her debut also adds to her curiosity.

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