Hip-hop group DJ DOC surprisingly released a new song as they approach their 30th anniversary

Hip-hop group DJ DOC, approaching their 30th anniversary of debut, surprisingly released a new song.

DJ DOC attracted attention with a surprise pre-release of their new song “Cheers” at Candy Seongsu located in Seongsu-dong on December 30, 2023.

“Cheers” is a DJ DOC-style hip hop song filled with fun and wit based on newtro, funk, and pop music. It is also expected to feature a surprising number of special features, raising even more curiosity. As it is known that they are preparing their first new album in 14 years since their 7th full-length album “Pungryu” released in 2010, expectations are high as an album commemorating the 30th anniversary of their debut.

However, Kim Chang-yeol, who had a disagreement with Lee Ha-neul, was not seen during this new song promotion.

Through this performance, DJ DOC performed hit songs that have been loved so far, including new songs, “Sorrow of Superman”, “LIE”, and “I’m A Guy Like This”. The exciting stage brought an explosive response from the audience and an encore.

In addition, Jaeyong Jung, who made his official appearance for the first time in a long time, drew cheers by giving warm greetings to fans with his stylish and cheerful appearance as always.

Contrary to the image of DJ DOC as the ‘representative bad boy of the Korean music industry’, DJ DOC is a team that has been recognized by both the public and critics to the extent that it was selected as one of the ‘100 Best Korean Pop Music Albums’, which is rare for a hip-hop group. He garnered a lot of sympathy from the public with his honest lyrics, such as satirizing the corrupt society or expressing without any hesitation the chronic problems of Korean society.