“Good Boy”: Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun are coming together for the drama

Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun are coming together for “Good Boy”.

JTBC’s new drama “Good Boy”, which will be broadcast in the second half of this year, is a comical action youth investigative drama in which medalists who became police officers as a special Olympic recruit wear police ID cards around their necks instead of medals and fight against a world filled with unscrupulousness and foul play.

Director Shim Na-yeon, who directed the dramas “The Good Bad Mother”, “Monster”, and “At Eighteen”, and writer Lee Dae-il, who wrote “Chief of Staff”, “Life on Mars”, and “Bring it On, Ghost”, collaborated, and Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun have confirmed their appearances, and it is attracting attention as JTBC’s most anticipated work in 2024.

Park Bo-gum plays the role of Yoon Dong-ju, a police officer from the special team who became an Olympic boxing gold medalist and became a police officer as a special Olympic recruit.

With his natural tenacity and fists, he rises to the level of an Olympic hero, but after experiencing setbacks, he begins his second life as a police officer. The passionate process of rookie police officer Yoon Dong-ju, who regains his fighter instinct while facing intolerable injustice, is raising expectations.

Kim So-hyun plays the role of Hanna, an Olympic shooting gold medalist who has become a ‘shooting goddess’ and gained widespread popularity thanks to her stunning beauty.

She does, but an incident that would shock the world forces her to quit her shooting career and pursue a career as a police officer. She usually appears calm and quiet, but when it comes to love and work, she plays a character with a surprising charm who is straightforward and straightforward without hesitation.

The production team of “Good Boy” said, “Good Boy is a pleasant and refreshing story about people who were Olympic heroes leaving the ground where there were rules and fighting against violent crimes that are rife with unconscionability and foul play.”

They added, “They stand up against injustice with their own stories. “Please look forward to the synergy between actors Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun, who will show the stories of fighting heroes in a more authentic way.”

“Good Boy” will be broadcast in the second half of 2024.