Funky Studio continues its lawsuit against Yoo Jun-won for damages

Funky Studio continues its lawsuit against Yoo Jun-won for damages.

As Funky Studio, the production company of the idol audition program MBC’s “Boys’ Fantasy”, continues its legal battle with Yoo Jun-won, its legal representative, Lawyer Lee Yoon-sang of Logos, said on the 11th, “Pocket Doll Studio, which is in charge of management of Fantasy Boys, CEO Kim Kwang-soo suggested that Yoo Jun-won return before the Tokyo concert out of consideration for him.”

“Afterwards, I sent an email to Yoo Jun-won’s parents, but unfortunately there was no response. Accordingly, we have determined that he has no intention of returning, and we will continue to take legal action for the damage caused to the production company.”

CEO Kim Kwang-soo also said, “I worked hard until the end, but I feel very disappointed. It seems like it’s out of my hands now. “I feel sorry for the fans.”

Previously, on the 5th, CEO Kim Gwang-soo said, “If Yoo Jun-won regrets his mistakes and returns before the Tokyo concert, we will discuss it with the members and go together.”

He added, “There are legal problems, but we must persuade the production company Funky Studio to withdraw all lawsuits and I have asked them to do so. I will also pay the attorney’s fees. If the litigation period continues, I think it will have a negative impact on Yoo Jun-won’s future.”

Yoo Jun-won was ranked first in “‘Boys’ Fantasy” and was about to debut with his Fantasy Boys. However, due to his unauthorized departure and profit distribution issues before his official debut, he did not join Fantasy Boys and filed an injunction against the production company to suspend his exclusive contract.

In relation to this, on the 24th of last month, the 21st Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Western District Court dismissed Yoo Jun-won’s application for a temporary injunction to suspend the exclusive contract against Funky Studio.

The lawsuit filed by Yoo Jun-won against Funky Studio attracted attention both inside and outside the entertainment industry. This is because it was the first case in the history of an idol audition program where the final winner did not make his debut and filed a lawsuit claiming that his exclusive contract was invalid.

An official from the Korea Entertainment Management Association’s Rewards, Punishments, and Ethics Committee also said, “If unauthorized departure is confirmed and a petition is submitted to the Rewards and Punishments Committee, the Rewards and Punishments Committee may be held. We can take strong action by cooperating with others.”

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