Former Laboum member Yulhee proudly showcased a flower gift

Former Laboum member Yulhee proudly showcased a flower gift.

On the 7th, Yulhee expressed her gratitude for the surprise gift, saying, “Surprise… Thank you,” showing a touched expression.

After receiving a bouquet of flowers from someone, Yulhee seemed to want to commemorate it by taking a photo. Adding a heart emoticon, she couldn’t hide her happiness.

Meanwhile, Yulhee announced her marriage and pregnancy news with F.T. Island‘s Choi Min-hwan in 2018. The two, who welcomed their first son in May of that year, became the first idol couple to have twins, with the birth of twin daughters in 2020.

However, the couple announced their divorce in December last year, with Choi Min-hwan gaining custody of their three children.

Regarding this, Yulhee explained, “After much deliberation, we concluded that it would be best for the children to continue living in the environment they have been accustomed to, where practical problems and as little psychological anxiety as possible exist, so the children are being raised by their father. I also spend time with the children frequently to make sure that the absence of a mother is not strongly felt.”