Forestella releases a new project sound

Forestella releases a new project sound.

On the 17th, “Stuck In a Maze”, the first sound source of the “BJJMUSIC Original” project in which Forestella participated, will be released.

“Stuck In a Maze” is a new project “BJJMUSIC Original” by music producer team ButterFly, who worked on Forestella’s “The Reason We Are Together”, “For Life”, and Cho Min-gyu’s solo song “Raya”.

“Stuck In a Maze”, which exudes sophisticated intensity, is an upbeat rock genre song based on hip rhythm and strong rock sound. Forestella used pop vocals in the hard rock genre to attractively complete a challenging song that encompasses alternative, hip-hop, dance, and orchestra.

In particular, “Stuck In a Maze” was recorded entirely before youngest member Go Woo-rim enlisted last year, and contained the harmony of the full Forestella. Jo Min-gyu’s edgy voice, Bae Doo-hoon’s appealing pop vocals, Kang Hyeong-ho’s rock voice that reaches its peak, and Go Woo-rim’s low-tone speech that further deepens the song’s message create a complete, complete song.

The music video for “Stuck In a Maze”, released along with the sound source, depicts the war taking place around the world through animation. This appeals to the pain of all conflicts between nations, genders, and generations, and, like the content of the lyrics, which contains a message of hope that we can finally find happiness by encouraging each other and sharing warmth, it also contains the world view of love and peace pursued by ButterFly. . ButterFly used digitized programming and AI to work on songs and music videos, creating a unique viewing point.

Meanwhile, Forestella is carrying out various activities with a new look this year. The youngest, Go Woo-rim, is healthy and faithfully serving in the military, and in addition to their individual activities, Kang Hyeong-ho, Bae Doo-hoon, and Jo Min-gyu are also actively working as Forestella, including recently performing as a three-member group on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Songs’. I’m doing it.

“Stuck In a Maze”, the first sound source of the “BJJMUSIC Original” project sung by Forestella, can be enjoyed through various online music sites from 6 PM (KST) today.