Fans are celebrating BTS’s V’s birthday, December 30th, with a special event.

Fans are celebrating BTS’s V’s birthday (December 30th) with a special event.

Fans prepared a special event for V, who enlisted on December 11th and was unable to see the birthday celebration event in person.

Korean fan bases “Kim Tae-hyung Supporters Korea”, “Kim Tae-hyung Music Information Team” (V-IRAL), and “V INSIDE” are a joint effort to provide support around the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province, where V is located.

A large advertising balloon is launched in the sky near the training center to celebrate V’s birthday and express his hope that he will finish his military service in good health. It also expressed gratitude for the hard work of South Korean soldiers.
When V is training outdoors, three large banners will be installed in locations visible to the naked eye as he passes by from December 26th to January 16th next year to convey the hearts of fans celebrating V’s birthday. Taehyung Kim Supporters Korea also installed a banner celebrating his birthday right in front of Nonsan Training Center.

A unique event prepared by the Japanese fan base “Taetae Universe” (BTSV_JPN) also attracts attention. “Taetae Universe” announced that, for the first time for a Korean star, an ad cruise celebrating V’s birthday will be operated on the Dotonbori River in Osaka.

The cruise ship named “Layover” departs from the main street where Osaka’s landmark Glico electronic sign is located. On the “Layover” cruise along the Dotonbori River, songs such as ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’ from V’s solo album are played.

Following Tokyo, Japan, ‘Taetae Universe’ announced that a wrapping truck named ‘Taetae and Japanese Amiho’ will be operated in Seoul, including around V’s agency Hive, Gangnam, and Gwanghwamun.

Additionally, a donation was made to a non-profit organization in V’s name. This will be used in a restaurant for children, a children’s hospice art school where people can experience art, etc.

K-pop’s largest fan page ‘NUNA V’ is running an advertisement featuring V’s video on the digital canvas of Shinhan Bank’s Myeongdong branch, Unica Vision, a large digital signage in Tokyo, Japan, and Heat Vision located in Dotonbori, Osaka.

Meanwhile, on the 28th, V’s appearance as a ‘commander’ was revealed through the official site of the Army Training Center and attracted attention. Wearing a neat combat uniform and a angled beret, V attracted attention by wearing a platoon leader trainee badge. After completing the training camp, V is expected to serve in the Special Mission Unit of the Military Police Force of the Army Capital Defense Command.