EXID’s ELLY mourned the late producer, Shinsadong Tiger

EXID’s ELLY mourned the late producer, Shinsadong Tiger, with whom she had a past connection.

On the 28th, Elly (EXID) shared memories of Shin Sadaonghoraengi on her social media, saying, “Dear Shinsadong Tiger, as long as you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters. Goodbye. Thank you. To the person I disliked and the person I appreciated.” Along with this message, she also shared a heartfelt letter.

In the letter, ELLY expressed her feelings towards Shinsadong Tiger, saying, “To Lee Ho-yang, whom I thought would be with me in my 20s and 30s, I honestly feel very angry. Why, why is my head filled with thoughts of you? As our 15 years together pass by, I’m angry at myself for not asking what burdens you carried.”

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She also expressed remorse, “I’m sorry that even I, who never once shared your burdens, am also filled with regret. Despite everything, you were always thankful to me. You were always my island. You were someone who could never express his regrets. You were incredibly creative. You inspired me a lot.”

She continued, “You always seemed okay but also looked lonely. When I think of you, you were present in everything in my 20s and 30s. Sometimes, you were someone I found annoying and pitiful. I hope your journey ahead is less lonely, less tiring, and less difficult. Even though we couldn’t walk the path together in another place, having you made me feel stable, overwhelmed, and happy. I wanted to say this through this letter. To the person I disliked and the person I appreciated, goodbye.”

Shinsadong Tiger was found dead in his studio on the 23rd. He was 41 years old. Under the name Shinsadong Tiger, he composed numerous hit songs including “Rolling Polly,” “Hot Issue,” “No No No,” and “Up & Down.”